Get David Bowie's Face! AKA a DIY Guide to Festival Make-Up

A couple of tricks will help achieve superior results in minimal time.
Publish date:
July 20, 2012
David Bowie, DIY, glitter, Bat for lashes, shiny things

There’s something about facepaint this season. Lovefoxx from CSS, Peaches, Natasha Kahn from Bat for Lashes and Gaga have all experimented with a bit of extended slap in the past. Obviously, it was the Blessed Saint David Bowie who invented the idea to start with, while MAC and Alex Box’s makeup range Illamasqua have made a solid business out of it.

It's become increasingly competitive to get dressed up for festivals and other events on the social calendar and although a pair of eyelashes and splash of glitter will look nice, if you’ve got 15 -- 20 minutes (or even longer) to spend going that extra bit further, it’s worth it. Number one because you will get more attention from everyone and number two your photos will look 70 percent better on Facebook and, as a bonus number three -- it’ll (visually at least) cover the fact you haven’t had a shower for a while.

Is there life on Mars?

1. Think of a design first. I’ve chosen a Bowie-ish lightning bolt, some metallic stars and a rainbow. Making it up as you go along doesn’t always work out. Why not copy something you’ve seen in a music video or the BOOMBOX book (available on Amazon)?

Paint the whole world (or just your face) with a rainbow!

2. For intensity of colour, always draw on the skin with a coloured eyeliner of the same shade you want to use. This means the design will last a long time and have good intensity of colour.

Blue Bowie Face: Blue eyeliners from Barry M, blue special effects tube from Stargazer, pallettes from GOSH and neon blue Stargazer eyeshadow. Loose glitter from MAC and glitter lipstick Illamsaqua eyeshadow in Victim. Black eyeliner and mascara. Touch of lipgloss or Vaseline on the lips with loose glitter patted on.

3. Don’t worry about makeup brushes or careful and time-consuming blending. Just slap loads and loads on. Use fingers or that sponge applicator thing. Think quantity, not quality. I drew around my stars in black liquid liner, for the benefit of photos, but you do need a fairly steady hand to achieve this.

Metallic face – MAC gold liquid eyeliner (all over the area) patted over with Barry M Dazzle Dust no 29, Gold glitter from Star Gazer and MAC. Barry M glitter pink lipstick no 107. Rimmel Glam Eyes liquid liner, Mascara.

4. Dust colour glitter or pat neutral glitter gel over EVERYTHING. You can finish with a fixing spray if you have one. I personally don’t know how much difference it’ll make.

Kiss my glitter: metallic face

5. Party like it’s 1999. Touch up the next morning for more fun.