District MTV's George On Peroxide, Glittery Nails And Doing The Perfect 'Amy' Cat's Eye In The Train Window

"I'm essentially a peroxide junkie, I'd rather cut all my hair off then go back to my natural colour."

Georgina Langford is the Assistant Editor of District MTV which means she spends her days either thinking about, interviewing, or writing about music and pop culture and not having much time to spend doing girl stuff, like remembering to get her hair cut..

"I have a pretty strict morning routine, because I'm a zombie who needs to go through the motions on automatic pilot. I can't leave the house without having a shower and washing my face. Even if I've gone to bed at 4am having washed my face, I will wash it again when I wake up a few hours later. That's pretty weird I guess.

A few years spent as a fashion journalist means I'm still using up a million samples, although I always use Lush products where I can. When I do wash my hair (definitely not everyday) I drown it in purple toner/shampoo to keep it white. That's if it's not dyed blue or pink that week... Hairspray is my dearest friend. I've become a pro at doing my makeup on the train, even my flicked eyeliner, which I do by balancing a compact mirror on my backpack, much to the amusement of my fellow commuters.

I'm still experimenting but definitely have the basics down. Black 'Amy' cat's eye eyeliner, the palest foundation I can find, and one of my 10 dark red lipsticks. I never paid much heed to the stupid 'lips or eyes' rule. There was the mega eyeliner phase, where there was more kohl pencil than anyone ever needs to wear round their eyes, and of course the time when I glued sequin stars under my eyes for a month.

Silver glittery lipstick was a recent adventure; in fact there have been all-too-frequent glitter phases. My normally white hair has also been lilac, bright blue, magenta, fuchsia, aqua and candyfloss pink over the past few years. Much to my mother's despair.

I'm scared of hairdressers. Maybe because my hair is the thing I hide behind, but I hate entrusting my entire self esteem to someone I don't know. The only time I had a blow-dry forced upon me I had a nervous breakdown outside the salon. Last year I had just one haircut (shameful I know) which my hairdresser housemate did in our kitchen, at 2am, when we'd had a few gins.

Now I cut my own fringe and go to what is essentially a barber shop to have my hair cut for £15 by a very sweet man who understands why I like backcombing. "I grew up in the 80s, darling". I now love him. My mum still helps me bleach my hair at home once a month, which costs all of about £2.50 a time. It's safe to say I appreciate the DIY approach.

I like to think my beauty clutter- perfume bottles, brushes, many, many nail varnishes - are artfully arranged on my dressing table. To other people it probably just looks like a mess.

I can do my flicked eyeliner any time, anywhere. I once did it in the reflection of a train window because I had forgotten my compact mirror, and it didn't look shit, so I'm proud of that.

My nails are pretty dreadful, but I'm not that bothered. I don't have the time or inclination to do any more than paint them red, black, shimmery blue or silver glittery, probably at 1am when I'm in bed. It's little wonder they are always chipped and messy.

I like all things Lush and even though their products are more expensive than regular brands, they are worth it because they genuinely cheer me up. It's like therapy in soap form. I'll also always buy fancy purple shampoo because having yellow hair terrifies me.

MAC makeup is my weakness, too, mainly because nothing beats it and I'm a sucker for their limited edition packaging. My MAC special edition Wonder Woman lipstick was my most treasured product before it ran out *sob* Apart from that I am happy to use pretty much anything, the cheaper the better.

Over the past ten years my hair has gone from a fairly normal golden blonde to the white-with-a-purple-rinse thing I have going on now. I'm essentially a peroxide junkie, I'd rather cut all my hair off then go back to my natural colour. The last time I caught a tan was 2007, since then it's been factor 50 all the way to keep my annoyingly olive skin pale and goth-like.

My family don't enjoy me dying my hair on a bimonthly basis but I have it on good authority that my Nan used to be the same as a young woman in the 60s, so perhaps that's where I get it from.

Apart from that, the very polished and gorgeous women in my family like getting a summer tan, only ever wear natural makeup and get their nails done regularly, so I couldn't be more polar opposite to them in that respect. It wasn't an intentional thing."