SECRETS OF JANE'S INDUSTRY-REVERED MAKEUP ARTIST: 5 Products She Always Uses On Jane (and A-List Movie Stars!)

Genevieve Herr is even more famous than Jane! Well, at least to those in the beauty industry. Here are some of her awesome makeup secrets for making Jane look so saucy.

Jane is so sexy, isn’t she?! She’ll hate me for writing that, but here she is vamping like a fiery little vixen (FACT: I made her model) and not unlike all the little waifs (now supermodels) she was always hanging out with in the 90s. Did you know that Jane has Kate Moss and Johnny Depp stories? She wouldn’t brag about them herself – she worries that people don't want to hear her namedrop (WRONG WRONG WRONG! I want to hear them all!) so I literally beg and drag them out of her – so now you do.

[This emphasis on me is embarrassing! Cat, ask her about about what she uses on Julia or Courteney or Jennifer or whomever else people want to hear about! --Jane]

Wait, I am wrapping up the Jane part! Jane, you get much less important in a second.

Anyway, I was talking about Jane being a model and looking saucy here. Jane is the female Marcus Schenkenberg! The white Tyrese Gibson. No, she is not wearing a sweater in the middle of an epic New York City heatwave – I was supposed do this post two months ago. Did I tell you that Jane greenlighted me to write some sort of “Life With ADHD” mental health columns? Guess what; I was supposed to write that two months ago, too. Surprise! No, not a surprise at all.

But back to JANE. God forbid I write about anyone else in my stupid column ever. JANE is made up for television and, like to think, wildly glamorous red carpet appearance alongside The Brange, and when these events occur she does The Editor-In-Chief Sexy ™ and gets her hair and makeup diddd. It’s sort of a requirement of the industry. They all do it, and I’ve worked everywhere.

Who does Jane’s makeup, which is always most excellent (did you see her in the New York Times?). Her glamorous makeup artist, Genevieve Herr, comes by and does it. Whenever I am in this woman’s presence I feel as though I'm among beauty royalty, because she is one of the sickest professional makeup artists in the biz.

Genevieve has done the makeup of approximately every single impossibly famous woman you can think of, for major, major magazine covers and ad campaigns. Like she did Julia Roberts in these Lancome ads that just started running this or last year:

She did Jennifer Aniston’s makeup for the July 2011 aka NOW cover of Marie Claire:

...and from there you can basically just think of anyone as A-list as those two, and she does their makeup on the regular, too. See?! She’s f-ing awesome! I genuflect.

[I met her when she did my makeup for Jane magazine for our Blind Date column when I was going on a date with Courtney Taylor from the Dandy Warhols in 1998, and I was like, "She is the BEST ever!" It has been so exciting to see her blow up to where all of these people fly her around the world to do their makeup. Plus, I love her personally, and her daughter Desiree who interned for me at Jane and is just the coolest girl. They were both at my baby shower -- that's how much I love them. --Jane]

As makeup artists go – and I’ve met 90,000 of them – Genevieve carries a really impressively streamlined kit. Except for all these brushes – Good God! No wonder celebrities who get made up by her look so bangin'. I barely use two or three makeup brushes every afternoon morning, and you better believe they make a difference!

Anyway, I asked her to talk me through the key products she used to make Jane up for a photo shoot that took place in our offices, and explain with her incredibly appealing and chic Cuban accent and cadence (which our intern Samantha faithfully transcribed from a tape recorder; thank you, sweets) how shes uses each of her favorite makeup items.

Which brings me to GENEVIEVE’S MAKEUP KIT FOR JANE -- read on.


"For nice natural makeup, use a moisturizing tint instead of foundation. Moisturizing tint is very light and you can see the skin through it -- so it's not a heavy liquid foundation; there's less pigment. I usually apply with a wedge sponge that has been wet. I squeeze the water out so the sponge is damp -- so it goes on to the skin smoothly. Laura Mercier has a lot of different shades; on Jane, I use the Nude shade."

ME [CAT!]: "Regular or the oil-free Mercier?"

"Regular. Usually it's nice to use the regular on people who are over 30 to keep the skin moist. And then after that, I follow with concealer. I use Clinique concealer for the eyes."


"Before I powder Jane's face, I powder the eyes with special powder for the eyes. That's what keeps her eyes looking bright -- Jane always says, 'Oh my God, my eyes look so bright!' I use Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder #1, and apply it wherever I've applied the concealer: under the eyes, laughing lines, and above and on top of the lips with a little bit of a bigger brush. I use very little. Then, after I apply that powder, I apply the face powder."


“It's very important that you apply face powder very carefully. I use the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder #1, which is very light. It doesn't even look like you have powder on. It kind of disappears into the skin. What you do is put a little bit of powder in the palm of your hand; then you get a powder puff, and apply with a rolling motion onto the entire face -- even going over the places where you applied the brightening powder -- so it kind of blends everything into the skin. And that's also what keeps your blush on the skin later.”

[Ever the white girl editor, I forgot to ask if this stuff works with all skin types, but I believe it to be wearable on every skin tone -- the copywriting for the product, claims it goes on everyone truly translucent, and because it's Laura Mercier, I believe it. -Cat]


Hey, these are the same shadows that our new columnist Courteney Cox told xoJane.comreaders she liked. Genevieve does Courteney's makeup, too.

"On Jane, I line the eyes and use eyeshadow powder. I use colors by Edward Bess -- they are very neutral and natural. I give a little depth to her eyes with a medium taupe brown. Then I curl the lashes and apply mascara." [Let's assume she loves that Lancome.]


"Then I like to line the lips a little bit."

ME (interrupting, as usual) : "I really like lip liner and I want it to come back; nobody uses it. ""I always use it. With liner, is the key thing to keep your lips well-defined. Then I apply gloss -- Lancome Juicy Tube in a sheer shade like Spring Fling."

Sooo, there you have it! Isn't Genevieve awesome?! Now leave the FIVE PRODUCTS YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT FROM YOUR MAKEUP KIT in the comments section. And maybe I'll throw in mine! xo Cat