Wait, Wait -- This Is The Best Holiday Nail Polish, ALSO: Space!

This holiday nail polish reminds me of the vastness of the universe, and other intellectual things like that.

Would you freak out on me if I got all existential in a post about nail polish? Because I'm about to do that, on a small, very mild level.

In recent times, the look of a "galaxy manicure" has been pretty popular, using multiple layers of polish and glitter shades to give your nails the gorgeous, swirly look of the Milky Way.

While I like to experiment with nail polish, my skills aren't close to recreating anything that could be captured by Hubble. So I set out on a search to find a polish that was mixed in just the right way that it could create that look for me.

A heavy task, but hey man, we're living in the future! This is 2011! Somebody should be able to make a pre-mixed space-age nail polish for a girl like me.

Enter Butter London's 3 Free Nail Lacquer in The Black Knight ($14, butterlondon.com). From their new holiday collection, it looks like the stars seen through rose coloured glasses. I know I wrote about some fabulous holiday nail polishes last week, but this one takes the rainbow-icing-frosted cake. LOOK AT IT! Are you not in love?

Maybe it's a recent revival of my interest in space and the universe, something I haven't put too much thought into since I was a kid but seeing as I've watched "The Tree of Life," "Another Earth" AND took a trip to a science museum in the past month and a half, there's been a trickle-down effect, and mind-blowing images of the universe movin' and shakin' have influenced my choices when it comes to beauty, too.

You have to occupy your time with something to make up for feeling so miniscule in the grand scheme of things, y'know?

I purchased a shade of eyeshadow from Lancome, All That Glitters, (which, when I researched to give you a link, appears to be sold out. Why my local department store would sell me a shade that isn't even being produced anymore is beyond me), that reminds me of some sort of ancient rock or stars shimmering in the sky on a clear night.

All this amounts to me being a sparkling, Judy Jetson-ized weirdo daydreaming about living in a rocketship, or at the very least, having some gigantic, wall-sized, backlit image of a galaxy in front of my bed. Can someone make this for me? It will probably be expensive ...

Anyway, talk about space-themed beauty, glitter, star-shaped barrettes, astronaut ice cream, "2001: A Space Odyssey," Elton John's "Rocketman", and how shiny Uhura's hair is in "Star Trek."