Try These Fun Flower-Inspired Eye Makeup Looks For Summer!

The great thing about this make-up is that you can appreciate the vivid colors found in nature even if your thumb is not so green.
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July 7, 2013
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In a recent outing to a home goods store with my mother, I came upon the faux flower section. They had the usual selection of roses and hydrangeas, plants that would take a reasonable amount of effort to keep alive if they were real. I understood. I didn't judge.

But then I discovered the fake succulent plants. I snickered to myself. Nothing says "never have children" like buying a fake succulent plant. When I met my mother at the register, she eagerly showed me her new purchase. It was one of the fake succulent plants. I wish I could say it was ironic, but it made perfect sense.

I can't be too smug, since I've unfortunately inherited my mom's lack of plant-rearing skills. Most plants that have come home with me have met an untimely end, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy flowers! When the weather turns warm and the flowers come out to play, I enjoy photographing them in their natural habitats, a safe distance away from me.

I also add some new make-up looks to my rotation, inspired by their vibrant colors. Here are some floral looks you can try at home, no gardening skills required!

For All Looks

Start with your preferred base of BB Cream or tinted moisturizer. I would avoid foundation in favor of a lighter, dewier look. Use a concealer under the eyes and to cover any blemishes or discoloration, since you will be using such bright shades on lips and eyes it's best for skin to be as even and uniform as possible.

Since there is no foolproof blush that flatters all skin tones, use whatever shade you find flattering, but I would avoid anything too bright or with shimmer, as that would distract from your eyes and lips. Fill in brows for a polished look. Finish with a sheer highlighter along the bridge of your nose and the tops of your cheekbones.


The iris is undoubtedly my favorite flower. Yellow and purple are not colors I'm especially fond of, but they're beautifully paired on the iris. To achieve this look dust a pale purple iridescent shade from lid to brow bone. Dust a lemon yellow matte shade on your lids. Take a medium matte purple shade and add to crease.

Use a darker iridescent shade of purple on the outer corners of the lid. Add an iridescent yellow to the inner corner. Use a purple metallic liner on the lower lashline. Finish with black mascara. For lips use a metallic plum gloss.


Roses come in many shades, but I'm drawn to the vibrant magenta varieties most of all. For this look dust an iridescent cream shade from lid to brow bone, under the lower lashline, and in the inner corners of the eyes. Take a medium pink iridescent shade and add it to the outer corners of the eyes. Finish with black mascara. Go with a matte bright magenta lipstick and finish with a clear gloss for a shiny, but non-metallic look.


One of the most beautiful types of orchids is a bright green color with pink accents. I enjoy incorporating this interesting color combination into my spring make-up wardrobe. Start with an iridescent neutral shade from lid to brow bone. Fill in the lid with a matte warm pink. Add a matte lime green to the outer corners of the lids.

For the crease use an iridescent brown shade. Use a lime green matte eyeliner and line the entire lower lashline. Top it off with a black mascara. Finish with a glossy oxblood lip gloss.


Hydrangeas are lovely spring flowers. I was inspired by their range of blue and indigo shades. Begin by swiping an iridescent peach shade from lid to brow bone. Cover lid, inner corner, and lower lashline with an iridescent powder blue shade. Use a matte medium blue in the crease.

Add a metallic deep indigo to the outer corners of the lids and lower lashlines. A peachy gloss on lips completes the look.

Suggested Products

You can re create these looks with many different types of make up, but these are some of the items I found helpful:

The great thing about this make-up is that you can appreciate the vivid colors found in nature even if your thumb is not so green. The only plant I've ever kept alive is an orchid from my boyfriend. Every day I wake to admire how not dead it is. It makes me feel better about myself, like if I ever were to have children I would maybe be able to keep them alive and only scar them emotionally.

If you kill every plant in sight, you can still get in the summer spirit by trying these colorful looks. You should probably stop buying plants though.

*Photos by Mark Raker

Kristine Rose is a serial killer of plants on Twitter: @prtoftheprob.