FRIDAY FUNDAY: Sippin' on some KY

It's Friday Fun Day! here at xoJane HQ. We try out stuff we got and tell you if it's good.
Publish date:
October 28, 2011
friday funday, reviews, lube

Fun things happen on Friday. First of all, the glaringly obvious one, is the institution of Compelling Reader Comment of Week. It's simply the best part of xo, don't you think? I get to read articles, award people for being compelling, and bask in the warmth our little community. Aw.

Second of all, on Fridays, Emily and Cat are usually working remotely being all creative-recluse-like, and Jane's off doing some fancy appearance or on her Sirius XM show. Olivia, Helene, Julie, and I go a little rogue in the office. (Also we have a little thing called, um, Free Lunch Fridays. It's a SAY Media thing; yeah we're pretty OK. All the staff in our office building like us the best and they come hang out and eat with us. It's VERY SPECIAL.)

Remember the Friday we turned the place into a salon? Well, this Friday Julie went to an event with the folks representing Bengay and KY. She brought us back a lot of goodies, but we were most intrigued by these flavored "Yours + Mine" concoctions. I can't say they're lubes here (even though, for all intents and purposes they ARE) because on the back it says "not intended to provide lubrication."

Well, anyway they're part of KY's "Kissable Sensations" line, so right away we tasted them. One tastes like sugar-free jam, the other chocolate. We found them quite bearable, and one of us said she'd spread the jam-tasting one on toast. Definitely useable -- lube-providing, and non-sticky, but I won't say who brought them home to try! And even if I did, that person would never ever WRITE about it.

We also tried these Bengay Air Activated Pain Relieving Pads. I stuck one on my sore neck (I have slight scoliosis). Julie mentioned their handy-dandy-ness for brutal NYC winters. Basically, we really like them. They don't get so hot that they burn you like other brands, and we would definitely use them just to be cozier. Worth noting that they don't stick incredibly well, so I wrapped a scarf around my neck over the patch.

Oh, and we did our hair. I put in those pink streaks -- we had Streekers around from Cat wrote this. Julie curled her hair with this less than $30 John Frieda curling iron and I heard her say, "Wow this is literally the best curling iron I've ever used." The one thing wrong with it is that it looks like a serious pen15.

Tell me what semi-rebellious things you do on Friday, will you?