FRIDAY BEAUTY GIVEAWAY: Win a grab bag of products from Cat's messy desk!

THREE readers are going get a fun care package from me and Julie!
Publish date:
January 6, 2012
office banter, giveaways, beauty swag

Hi! So this will be short; I'm typing on a Blackberry. My computer charger broke last night and then this morning I slept in and just woke up in time to rush to the Upper East Side for this crazy cosmetic procedure that requires I sit for an hour with a numbing machine strapped to my stomach. Which is where I am now.

But more about that in another post. Next week!

So 2012 will be the year of regular Friday giveaways here in the xoJane beauty department, and today I am awarding THREE lucky (US) readers a grab bag of products from my very messy and under-used desk at Jane HQ. Hooray!

Here's how to enter: follow me on Twitter at @cat_marnell if you don't already, then play beauty editor and tweet a story idea at me! Like with our last Sammi Sweetheart perfume giveaway, I will choose winners randomly, lotto-style, not based on how good your story idea is, but try to send me good ones. I'm desperate! No, not really (yes really).

So you have until 10 pm EST on Monday, January 9th to do this, and then I will tweet the winners and direct message you a confirmation! And then you will get a lovely package in the mail. Got it? Good! And good luck! Happy Friday! xoxo