I’m a Big Fan of Wildfox Clothing, But Does Their Fragrance Deserve My Love?

It launched last summer, but because it's not available in Toronto, I had to wait almost a year to try it!
Publish date:
May 30, 2016
perfume, Wildfox, Los Angeles

Wildfox is a vintage-inspired knitwear brand based in my favorite city, Los Angeles. I've been a fan of the brand ever since it launched in 2009 with their cute graphic t-shirts and sweaters. They have a very boho, '70s, relaxed vibe to most of their stuff, and thats what I'm all about. (I mean, if I had to name a few of my favorite brands they would be Wildfox, Free People, and One Teaspoon, so you get the picture.)

I basically live in t-shirts and sweaters, mainly because I just like being comfortable, which is what originally drew me to Wildfox. Lately, I've been living in my Biocoastal Girl Kim's Sweater because I'm forever freezing, and it's the comfiest and cutest sweater I own. Samantha has been making fun of me for it because it seems like every time she sees me I'm wearing it. IT'S JUST SUPER COMFY, OK?

I'm always excited to see what they come up with, especially when they keep expanding the line with jewelry, denim, and now, fragrance.

Since I've loved the brand for so long, when the Wildfox Eau de Parfum launched last summer, I was eager to smell it. I mean, the bottle itself is so '70s, I just loved the look of it.

The only problem? TORONTO DOESN'T HAVE IT.

Heartbroken, I had to wait until my next venture to my beloved States to find it. I searched for it in NYC, but somehow couldn't find it. Finally, a few months later, Samantha and I flew down to LA for a bit and I was able to find it in Nordstrom. I was hesitant about it just because it seemed like it would probably be extremely floral due, and I wasn't sure I'd be down with that. I mean I love flowers, but I wasn't sure if it would be just a bit too floral for me.

I almost didn't want to like it because I feel like I have enough perfumes already. But after smelling it I thought, DANG IT, I gotta have this. The scent immediately reminded me of when Samantha and I were having an awesome time walking around LA and we kept smelling honeysuckle everywhere. At first, we didn't realize that's what it was, and we just kept saying, "What is that? IT SMELLS SO GOOD." So now every time I smell this fragrance, I'm immediately transported back to beautiful LA, where the scent of honeysuckle is around every corner. Smelling it just makes me happy. Scent memory can be a strange, but wonderful thing.

They describe it as "a new fragrance for lovers, for skinny-dippers, for barefoot explorers and late-night chocolate eaters. For dreamers and for those who believe in themselves. It's a dreamy bouquet that charms with dewy white florals, intrigues with absinthe and incense, and captivates with the silky warmth of honey and musks." DAMN. I mean it just sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

When you first spray it, you can definitely smell the light fruitiness that comes from the top notes, which consist of absinthe, incense, and apricot. As it starts to dry down, you smell the floral middle notes, which include camellia, honeysuckle (my favorite), and jasmine. And when it's dried down completely, you can smell more of the warmer base notes, composed of ambrox, musk, and honey. It definitely dries down a lot warmer and muskier than I had expected, but because of the combination of the floral notes, it's still a bit sweet. It kind of reminds me of how a warm summer day smells, which again, just makes me feel happier.

The scent actually lasts all day on me, too, it even lingers on my clothes days later. I was actually really impressed by its longevity, especially since I only needed to use one spray. I'd consider it more of a skin scent, so it's not overwhelming for those around you. It's just enough that anyone who gets close enough will smell it, which is what I personally prefer.

So if you're looking for a new warm but floral scent for the summer I'd highly recommend it, especially if you love the smell of honeysuckle like I do. I'm just going to keep spraying myself with it and counting down the days until I'm back in LA. I figure if I can't be there right now, at least I can smell like it!

  • Have you tried Wildfox's fragrance yet?
  • Do you have any fragrances that make you feel happier?