4 Unlikely Fragrance Combinations I've Been Loving Lately

Some of my most complimented scents are combos I made up!

Fragrance is a somewhat new frontier for me. Up until the last couple of years, I had only owned about two or three "fancy" perfumes. When I make a decision to purchase a fragrance (or ask for it for the holidays or my birthday), it's usually a pretty long process of trying it, taking home a sample, and then setting aside money until I can treat myself.

Since I take my sweet time making fragrance-buying decisions, my collection is still relatively small (although ever-growing), and I've turned to mixing fragrances to get the most out of what I've purchased.

I'm not sure if there's any one right way to layer fragrance, but I typically spray whatever fragrance I want to be my “base” or grounding fragrance on my left wrist and then dab my wrists together and tap behind my earlobes. Then, I take whatever fragrance I want to be the stronger influence, and I spray it once on the same wrist, dab my wrists together and then take my ring finger and dab a little on the back of my neck and at the hollow of my throat. I do this so the two scents can blend together but you can still get a whiff of each on their own.

Here are some of my favorite fragrance combinations.

Chanel No. 5 + Demeter Paperback = The Sexy Librarian

Demeter Paperback on its own makes me feel like I'm sticking my face in stack of library books (which I've totally done). I think it captures the essence of an old paperback perfectly, from the softness of the paper, to the rich, almost amber scent of binding glue, to even just a dash of mildew (which would be gross on its own but somehow works with everything else).

I think the woodsy base notes in Chanel No. 5 really work well with Paperback, and together they give me a sophisticated, sensual vibe.

NEST White Sandalwood + Demeter Leather = Sweet Yet Edgy

I often like to mix soft and edgy components in my wardrobe, and I realized I could bring this combination to my fragrance selections as well.

Nest White Sandalwood is a beautiful, creamy, soft scent (my skin especially pulls almond with this one) and is gorgeous on it's own. When paired with Demeter Leather, it's sweet with a little bit of badass. Leather smells exactly like fresh leather, and I think that element really grounds the sweetness of White Sandalwood.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black + Comme des Garcons Black = All Black Everything

This is a combination that's heavy on the woodsy notes but also has a spicy element to it. Sandalwood and violet, the key components of Nirvana Black, are lovely together, but I feel like the added leather, cedar, and black pepper that comes from CDG Black give it a sophisticated and complex edge.

This is probably my most complimented scent combination and makes me feel quite sassy!

L'Occitane Eau des Baux + The Body Shop Honeymania = Eau Honey!

See what I did there? *nudge* *eyebrow wiggle*

I think these two scents together are a perfect combination. Honeymania smells straight-up like honey with a slight floral hint, and Eau Des Baux is woodsy and sweet. Together, they create a scent that just speaks of comfort and warmth to me.

  • Do you mix and match fragrances?
  • What are your favorite scent combinations?