6 Scented Candles You Need If You're Obsessed With Gardenia and Tuberose

Spring springs eternal with these gorgeous florals.
Publish date:
May 7, 2015
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The only thing that got me through this past winter was a subtle reminder of spring. While cold wind lashed against my window, I lit candles with green florals that danced through my room and distracted me from the reality outside.

Spring has been dragging it’s feet this year where I live, so I decided to point you in the direction of some great gardenia and tuberose candles that will tide you over and into warmer weather if you're in a similar boat (or if you just love these floral scents).

P.F. Candle Co.

So I’m a diehard PF Candle Co fan. I originally discovered their adorable amber jars in West Elm (the Market Roast candle to be specific) and my obsession has snowballed since then. I sought out some candles by these fine folks because I just knew they would have something great to offer (and they did!).

With tuberose, orchid, awapuhi and gardenia in the spotlight, essential oils of anise and lime, No. 08: Summer Breeze is the perfect addition to any backyard party. I can easily picture this scent accompanying a few glasses of sangria around a small table of good friends. Sultry and sweet, it’s a breezy sunset in a jar.

Inspired by traditional monoï oil—a Polynesian oil created by soaking gardenia petals in coconut oil and ranging in use from skin protectant to anointing sacred objects during religious ceremonies—the creamy, green fragrance of No. 15: Gardenia & Coconut brings luxury home with you. Light notes of rose and orchid add a very subtle, polished base.


Illume candles are a staple in my home. I hoard their boulangerie line, and can assure you I was not disappointed when I discovered their Gardenia scent.

Illume offers a sweet, genuinely green gardenia candle that conjures childhood memories of bright blue skies and lush grass to tumble around in. Vanilla, amberwood and cassis ground this scent, creating a sweet, comforting aroma. The Lustre Jars (above) are slightly more expensive than the Demi Vanity Tin, but come in two sizes, making it more affordable to get fancy.


You’ve probably come across Voluspa candles in your favourite bookstore or local Anthropologie. There is a reason for this: these candles are gorgeous and affordable.

This adorable three-ounce Tuberosa Di Notte candle (also available in larger sizes) is a steal at $9. Tuberose and agave nectar create a deep, luxurious scent, leaning more towards classic and elegant than light and fun. I see this lit in a lavishly decorated bathroom, with a tub full of bubbles and a glass full of red.

The extravagant packaging is surely the first thing you’ll notice about this candle. The Gardenia Colonia Ceramic Alta candle features a vented lid allowing the fragrance to float around the room while unlit. The scent is sweet and green, and very soft. I could sit here and smell this candle all day (and I did when it arrived).

I think my favourite of the bunch would be either the Illume Gardenia scent or Gardenia Colonia, as they’re very straightforward, creamy gardenia candles. If you want a little more complexity, I highly suggest the PF Candles or the Tuberosa Di Notte.

  • What are your favourite tuberose or gardenia candles?
  • Do you lean toward more green or true-to-life floral scents like I do?