Make Your Hair And Skin Smell Like Tobacco—Not Cigarettes

I find the scent of unburned tobacco to be one of the most enticing, and this shampoo and body bar is a great way to get a fix without the carcinogens.
Publish date:
May 16, 2014
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I just took the deepest breath of my fresh, clean apartment's air now that spring is here and my windows are open wide. It feels immensely less labored, clear, and free of the little wheezing sound I used to be accustomed to.

It has been over 15 months since my last cigarette. It sure is a hard habit to break, especially when one of my favorite parts of the smoking ritual was opening a fresh pack of rolling tobacco and breathing in it's pungent, sweet and faintly poisonous aroma.

I happen to find the scent of unburned tobacco to be one of the most complex and enticing scents, and wearing it as a scent is a great way to get the fix without the carcinogenic aspect. There are not many products around with this scent, I even find it hard to come by at less than $60 for a vial as a singular scent. This makes it all the more covetable, in my opinion, as I have read tobacco absolute is pretty hard to make.

I have touched on the glorious Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille before. Though it is "meant" for men, I dab it on once in a while to add mystery to my existing scent profile. Recently, I accompanied my beau, who wears it on the reg, to a schmancy department store to purchase his very first non-bootleg big boy bottle. (So proud!) The other tobacco strain from Tom Ford, Oud Tobacco, was so graciously bestowed on me in the signature teeny tiny bottles and classy box.

But like Ariel said, I WANT MOOOOORE!

Maybe it's my former dependence on the stuff to blame, but even my cheap ass impulse-buys anything I see with a tobacco scent, within reason (that's the cheap ass talking).

Imagine my delight when offered a sample of Badrick's Lock Stock and Barrel Bar in--you guessed it--tobacco vanilla scent! Makes quitting worth it, to be able to smell such a great product more acutely.

I know this sounds like a secret anti-smoking ad (maybe it is) but I wish I could make air fresheners with all of the cigarettes instead of burning them; in fact, I do this with a few unopened packs of clove cigarettes--remember those? My voice sure does, since it seemed to dip a few octaves after just a month or two of sometimes clove-ing. Yikes. So yeah, try not to smoke, guys! My skin is better, my lungs are better, and I don't get to hear mamadukes yelling at me everytime I sparked a handroll.

Anyway, now that I have outed myself as a nicotine narc, we can talk about this shampoo bar.

This bar is going to cause some roommate drama, as I promised my boys they could try it after I did. I was a little nervous when I saw the super-commercial bar style; my shoulder hippie was worried, but I tried it, and loved it, and now I know the boys will fight over what's left.

This bar left my hands pleasantly soft and my hair lightly scented and way softer than I had imagined it would be. I could actually feel the difference after rinsing. I felt no grease or squeakiness after. The formula has some all-star emollients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil, and slightly less common cape mahogany nut butter. The addition of herbal scented and powerfully antibiotic tea tree oil adds depth to the tobacco vanilla fragrance, making it a tad more masculine, which I am totally okay with.

I am not afraid of dabbling in "men's" products, provided they don't smell like a can of Axe. Some of my favorite products are of the men's persuasion. Don't be afraid to try something because it is labeled for a specific gender; unless the scent turns you off, you limit yourself to what others say should be a feminine or masculine scent or product.

Bar soaps differ from liquids in the water and fat ratio. Solid bars have a higher fat content, which is better for gentle cleansing, as the oil and butter content will soften hair differently than a water emulsion of the same ingredients. This is also what can cause some buildup, but this shampoo and body bar did not leave any amount of residue that I could feel.

If you are looking for a multipurpose product for regular, occasional or travel use, you will have a hard time keeping those you share a bathroom with from using this too. It lathers to just the right degree--nothing to set off dryness alarms, but not so little that you worry about performance.

And if you're looking for ways to treat yourself for quitting smoking, this will also do nicely.

Photos by Darnell Scott