Create Infinite Signature Scents With This Custom Fragrance Blending Kit

You deserve to not smell like any other lady in town.
Publish date:
May 20, 2015
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Spritzing on a fragrance before leaving the house (or before crawling into bed, to be honest) is one of my favorite parts of the day. There's something about it that makes me feel very womanly and put-together. When I smell nice, I feel better about myself.

I love testing out different scents and am always on the lookout for my new favorite. There are certain notes I'm consistently drawn to: vanilla, patchouli, amber, black pepper. Right now, I like my fragrances warm and spicy, like a sexy summer fling. (I've also been watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, like, a lot. Read into that what you will.)

Sometimes I get annoyed at the thought of smelling exactly like someone else. I know that different scents wear differently on every woman and that I'm not actually special in any way, but I just want my scent to be unique to me. It's the same reason I prefer wearing vintage dresses and reading poetry books in public. I want to be unique, and also I need attention at almost all times.

So when Fred Segal's The Blend custom fragrance blending kit came into my life, it felt like kismet. Celebrities and other one-percenters have been custom-blending their own personalized fragrances at Fred Segal's Santa Monica store for over 30 years, and now mere plebes like myself (and maybe you!) have the chance as well!

The kit comes with ten 0.17-ounce rollerballs of:

  • No. 01 Floral (Water Lily)
  • No. 02 Green (Grassy Vetiver)
  • No. 3 Epicure (Amber Vanilla)
  • No. 4 Spice (Forest Patchouli)
  • No. 5 Floral (Tropic Bloom)
  • No. 6 Musk (Clean Musk)
  • No. 7 Spice (White Tea)
  • No. 8 Floral (Exotic Rose)
  • No. 9 Ocean (Ocean Air)
  • No. 10 Citrus (Citrus Zest)

The rollerball scents are pretty singular, though each is gorgeous, with a depth all its own. I've taken to wearing some of them all alone sometimes, especially No. 3 Epicure (Amber Vanilla) and No. 8 Floral (Exotic Rose).

The idea of the kit, though, is that you can blend the scents to create your own custom fragrance that's unique to you. In case you aren't particularly confident in your scent-blending game, the kit comes with a couple of different "recipes" for you to take for a spin.

The "After Dark" fragrance combination has become my go-to sexy-time scent. With just three swirls of No. 3 Epicure (Amber Vanilla), one swirl of No. 4 Spice (Forest Patchouli), and three swirls of No. 7 Spice (White Tea), I feel ready to do my damn thing.

Another favorite recipe is the "Beach Bound," which combines No. 5 Floral (Tropic Bloom), No. 9 Ocean (Ocean Air), and No. 10 Citrus (Citrus Zest) to truly capture the essence of a sunny, salty, beachy summer day.

You can also, obviously, get creative and concoct your own blends. I like mixing No. 5 Spice (Forest Patchouli), No. 8 Exotic (Floral Rose), and a tiny bit of No. 7 Spice (White Tea) for a scent that's sexy but still light enough for day wear.

There are truly infinite scents you can create with this kit, so $150 seems like a hell of a steal. I smell dreamier than ever before, and I can rest easy knowing I don't smell like anyone else in the room.

  • Have any of y'all tried this custom blending kit?
  • Do you have a dream fragrance that exists in your mind but not in real life?