OPEN THREAD: Review Your Favorite Summer Fragrance In One Sentence

If you accept this challenge, keep reading.
Publish date:
April 10, 2015
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Y'all know I'm from the dirty dirty, right? It's currently 88 degrees and sunny in my hometown of Orlando, Florida. Tomorrow it's going to get up to 90!

So while it's an overcast 52 degrees in NYC, summer is on my mind. Mostly because I hate hot weather and I'm obsessive about planning my wardrobe way in advance.

  • Comfortable sandals: purchased.
  • Dressy work sandals: in my DSW online cart.
  • Breezy dresses that neither constrict nor cling: sitting in an ASOS bag by my front door.
  • Fragrances that smell better when you sweat: I have an arsenal that will probably make you hate me (please don't hate me!).

These blessings are in my life thanks to a long stint at a luxury lifestyle magazine. I have given many bottles to my sisters... I share the wealth. I promise.

Anyway, here are three scents from my collection that I'll be reaching for this summer. They're SUPER different but they're alike in that they all smell great on hot summer skin. My best one-sentence reviews below...

J by Jennifer Aniston ($29.99): It's like wearing pearls on the beach--powdery musk is mellowed by sandalwood, water lily, and salty marine accord.

Tom Ford Azure Lime ($215): Like a grown-ass man wearing a crisp white dress shirt and holding a basil-y, minty, citrusy gin cocktail.

Rodin ($240): Like running through a jasmine field on a hot day and then standing next to a horse and eating a cold banana.

Your turn! Open thread time....

  • Tell me (or show me) your favorite summer fragrance.
  • Then give me your best one-sentence review. Or just give me any one-sentence review, because I didn't labor intensely over mine either ;)
  • And of course we can talk about anything else you have on your mind!