Seashell-Themed Beauty Products Have Made My Summer The Most Mermaid-y Ever

I’m especially susceptible to adorable seaside-inspired packaging.
Publish date:
August 17, 2015
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I’ve had such an amazing summer this year, and a lot of that has to do with how much time I’ve spent in and around the water. I’ve been lucky enough to go sailing, surfing, splash around in the waves in Mexico, and even explore new beaches right here in Toronto, too.

All of this water time has got me feeling more like a mermaid than ever, which means I’m especially susceptible to adorable seaside-inspired packaging. Luckily, there seems to be a pretty big market out there for that sort of thing, and I’m almost constantly stumbling across new favourites.

Here are some of my top picks:

Spectrum Mermaid Dreams The Glam Clam

I’ve had my eye on Spectrum’s vegan, cruelty-free brush sets for ages, and this seashell clutch version really put me over the edge.

With 10 of their best-selling brushes—everything from eyeliner to buffing concealer—this little shell pouch is the prettiest makeup accessory I’ve ever seen, and I’m obsessed with the purple faux-fur paired with the turquoise handles!

Earth Tu Face Botanical Perfume Jasmine Balm

It doesn’t get much more “mermaid” than solid perfume packaged in an actual little seashell box!

Earth Tu Face’s brilliant design is the perfect companion for a day at the beach, and the intense jasmine scent is simply intoxicating. Did you know it takes 8,000 hand-picked blossoms to make just one tiny milliliter of jasmine oil?

DuWop Sea Shell Compact Cheek Dual

The team at DuWop are no strangers to cute packaging, but their Pirates of the Caribbean Isla Sirena collaboration with Disney is truly next-level.

This collection offers both cheek and eyeshadow duos in sea-inspired shades like “Mystic Waters,” each neatly packaged in adorable plastic seashells. With great pigment and dazzling shimmer, this line is too good to swim past.

Mermaid Perfume

This list wouldn’t be complete without my favourite ever mermaid-inspired line! Though none of their products actually come in the shape of seashells, the minimal pink and gold packaging and fresh orange blossom scent makes this line a mermaid-must have.

Do you collect any themed products? What shape would make beauty packaging irresistible to you?