Scentbird Keeps Your Wallet Full And Nose Happy

A perfume subscription box for both the fragrance addicts and clueless.
Publish date:
January 23, 2015
subscription beauty box, fragance, designer perfume, scentbird

There's an inherent problem where fragrances are concerned. Yes, I'm talking about the notably expensive cost of perfumes, and the fact that sometimes you drop a lot of dough only to outgrow the scent, decide you hate it, realize you're allergic to it, etc. Or maybe you just like to spice things up and try a new fragrance on the regular and spending lots on a solitary fragrance isn't ideal.

All of the above reasons are why I love getting those tiny perfume samples, but even those aren't always enough to let you really get a nose feel for the scent. Which is where Scentbird, a monthly perfume subscription service, comes in.

Here's how it works: After taking a survey, you choose from 300+ designer perfumes and then get a 30-day supply of your choice perfume in the mail. Their supply list is always changing, and they do help you narrow your selection down with the survey. Sample brands include Dior, Viktor&Rolf, Tom Ford, Chloe, and Gucci. It's like the selection you'd find at the fragrance counters at, say, a Macy's.

Your first order comes with a velvety pouch and atomizer. When you get next month's supply, you pull the glass vial up, drop in your new scent and then twist it back down. Easy enough.

To use the fragrance itself, you twist the atomizer and the spritzer floats upward. Not terribly fancy, but definitely a perk since you don't have to worry about keeping track of caps gone astray.

The cool thing about Scentbird is that I can see how it'd appeal to a variety of people. You see, it's not only great for those perfume addicts who know exactly what they want, or love trying new scents. It's also good for people who have no clue what they want in a fragrance and need a little help figuring it out.

After you get the perfume and wear it for a while, you log into your account and rate it. From there, Scentbird will recommend fragrances to you. You can also create a perfume queue, kind of like Netflix.

  • Can you see yourself opting into a subscription service like this?
  • How often do you rotate your fragrances? Or are you a staple scent kind of gal who never strays?