5 Soft, Powdery, Romantic Eau De Parfums for Your Cold-Weather Fragrance Rotation

Each distinctly different, but most definitely warm and feminine.
Publish date:
October 23, 2015
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I honestly don't feel like my outfit is complete until I spritz on a little perfume. And in those rare instances when I forget to wear it—or those hours I have to go scent-free during concert rehearsals and performances—I don't feel quite myself. In fact, I typically carry a couple purse-sized perfume options for these moments (and so I can spritz as soon as I'm done singing).

Like many perfume-obsessed women, I have a couple staples in my lineup, but I often rotate what I'm wearing based on my mood, my outfit, my destination, or the season. And while you wouldn't think all those things matter so much, you'd be surprised at how much of an impact a scent can have on you.

For example, I find that powdery and romantic scents fit the cool months perfectly, and I feel a keen sense of femininity when I wear them. Here are a few of my favorite eau de parfums that fit into that category.

CLEAN Cashmere EDP, $69

I'm a big fan of CLEAN scents in general, but this newest addition to their collection is a definite favorite. CLEAN Cashmere retains that simple elegance that the other perfumes have, but adds to it a layer of warmth that makes it equal parts comforting and effortless sensuality.

As the name implies, it's inspired by cozy cashmere. Top notes are cedar leaf, bergamot, lime and lavender, which are mellowed out by a sturdy base of tonka bean, musk, sandalwood and heliotrope.

TOCCA Cleopatra EDP, $34

TOCCA is another one of my favorite perfumeries. Perhaps my most favorite, in fact! And of all their magical scents, named after both fictional and non-fictional females, Cleopatra is arguably my #1 in their collection.

"Inspired by the Mediterranean seductress" herself, Cleopatra is a sweet sort of sexy fragrance that makes you feel the same way. It's blended so beautifully, yielding a soft fusion of warmed patchouli, musk, golden amber, jasmine, tuberose, and a discernible zing of bitter grapefruit.

Jimmy Choo STARS Edition EDP, $100

This Jimmy Choo perfume is the sweetest scent in this roundup, but it still fits into the "powdery, romantic" category. I like to think of it as soft and sensual with a twist of sweet and endearing sass. It's perfect for a first date or an evening with gal pals where you want to channel that seductive, but playful, irresistibility.

Its base of Indonesian patchouli and sandalwood certainly ground this perfume, but it's the candied orange that sings the loudest note in this one.

BALMAIN Extatic Intense Gold EDP, $120

I feel like a true rich girl wearing this perfume—a perfectly respectable, lusty, rich girl who's been kissing a boy under the stars and has picked up a little bit of the earth on her skin. BALMAIN can do that to a woman.

While I'll call the Jimmy Choo the sweet pick of this bunch, BALMAIN Extatic Intense Gold EDP earns the title of spiciest, though it's still creamy and warm. That warmth probably comes from the vanilla and amber, which do their job as supporting roles to top and middle notes of jasmine, heliotrope, balsamic, and oriental labdanum.

Carita Paris EDP, $98

Truly feminine and the most powdery perfume of all of these is Carita Paris' EDP. It's housed in a foggy glass vessel complete with a vintage-inspired pump and black bow fashioned around the neck. The fragrance itself matches the elegance of the bottle, featuring a medley of four florals—rose, violet, rose and iris—gently resting on a creamy cloud of powder, musk, amber and vanilla.

Which of these sounds the best to you? And what perfume makes you feel flirty, sensual and romantic?