Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Gets Dewy For Fall

D&G leads us out of a rainy summer with two fresh fall fragrances.

At least in New York, it’s been a mild and damp summer. Without any miserable heat waves or sticky-hot subway commutes, it’s hard to believe that we’re this close to fall. But I’m not complaining, especially with all of the gorgeous fall fragrances that are coming our way, including two new additions to Dolce & Gabbana’s Velvet Collection: Velvet Rose and Velvet Bergamot ($210 each, 1.7 ounces per bottle).

Encased in sizable velvet coffrets, the two scents are the ninth and tenth EDPs to join the collection. The inaugural six fragrances (Wood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Desire, Love, and Sublime) debuted in 2011, and two ouds (Desert and Tender) were released in April 2013.

I only fell in love with rose fragrances a couple of years ago, when I got a small vial of Kilian Rose Oud, but I fell hard. Velvet Rose is nothing like my dark and spicy Kilian, but it’s beautiful and crisp and dewy--kind of like this summer we’ve had. The short sell is this: A sweet, watery rose with a squirt of Sicilian citrus.

The sweetness comes from Moroccan rose absolute, which co-mingles with a lighter Bulgarian rose essence and rose centifolia accord. The moist flowerbed kind of vibe is helped along by lily accord, and that citrus scent I get is actually geranium. The PR notes tout musk velvione that “wraps the wearer in the warmth of the balmy Mediterranean sun,” but the musk (at least to my nose) is extremely subtle. The dry down is light and girly, but I'd wear this under a floral dress OR a cozy grey sweater.

On the other other hand, between bergamot-heavy scents and me there is usually no love. I like it in hotel bath products, but not in my perfume. However, I do like the treatment of Velvet Bergamot. Sage is the strongest note behind bergamot, and orange, cassis, and vetiver behind that. I will say that it has more depth than Velvet Rose, but there's still that moist, watery quality that connects the two.

The launch notes mention nothing of layering, but I tried to anyway because I had a feeling some of you might wonder about that. The result is a soapy rose, but a rose-forward soapy rose, with a hint of bergamot and sage. I like the scents better as solo acts.

So, either of these suit your fancy for a new fall frag? What are your favorite scents for the season of scattered foliage, pumpkin spice lattes, and (most importantly) the return Homeland and The Walking Dead?!