Saying Goodbye to My Summer Fragrances, Plus COTW!

Is it too soon to be sad about the end of summer?

There's still a few more weeks of summer, but I keep finding my mind turning to sweaters and dark lipstick and rich, spicy fall fragrances. I'm trying to make myself enjoy summery things while I still can, since it's only a matter of time before I start complaining about winter.

I'm definitely a fall/winter fragrance kind of girl, so I was surprised to realize how many summery fragrances I've accumulated. I'm not really big on most citrusy or floral scents, but for some reason, these eight fragrances have captured my approval.

I loosely divided these up into fragrances for day and evening. These are the daytime fragrances:

I've had Caswell-Massey Lilacs for ages and, in my opinion, it's the truest lilac fragrance there is; sadly I think it's discontinued so I'm hoarding it. I was slow to like Krigler Charming California because I'm not a fan of citrus, but I'm glad I gave it a second chance; same goes for CLEAN Air. And L'Occitane Fleurs de Cerisier Cherry Blossom is a nice twist on cherry blossoms: a little lemony and very fresh.

And the evening fragrances:

Dolce & Gabbana The One and B. Balenciaga Skin are very sensual, while Marc Jacobs Mod Noir and Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary are much more flirty and also nice for day, if a little strong. My boyfriend really likes Mod Noir, although I wish it was a little darker and moodier. Extraordinary is so girly and joyful, and Skin is just crazy-sexy. I've needed to get a full size bottle of The One for years now; it's one of my all-time favorites.

I doubt I'll be wearing these much once the weather gets cooler since I have so many heavier, moody fragrances that I've been dying to go back to. Skin and The One are probably the only two that I'll keep in regular rotation.

So I'm going to try to wear these as much as possible throughout August. Right now I'm wearing Charming California and loving how the cedar gets warmer and sweeter on my skin over time--remind me to try other Krigler fragrances and report back!

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. Good highlighter tip, "five thousand candles"!

I may have mentioned this before, but if I ever have a liquid/cream highlighter that I like but find a bit too sparkly or hard to blend (such as NYX Born To Glow), I like mixing it with a few drops of face oil to make a lovely, adjustable sheer highlighter.

2. "Olivia" knows her stuff when it comes to summer hair protection:

I have very long hair and put apricot oil on it and twist it up when I'm outside or in the pool. Works like a charm. Plus I spray sunscreen on my part so I don't get burnt. Nothing worse than a peely head.

3. I think "m a r y a n n" has the right idea. Seriously, let's all embrace shiny skin (this coming from someone with woefully dry skin).

At 50, with oily skin but also fine lines and ... not-so-fine lines, anything mattifying makes me look dried-out and wrinkly. Lately I've decided to just go with the shiny. Shiny is now my look.

4. "Maura" has some good advice for getting away with looking hungover:

After a couple years I'm finally going out again and enjoying it and I'm having loads of fun this summer :) My favourite beauty tip when you're hangover is just to wear a fancy-ish dress, seriously everyone will point out that you look fancy and no one will notice your hungover face. Works every time.

5. (and 6.) OK "Gee" and "diddlybubs," you've both convinced me to finally splurge on this oil for shaving the next time I'm in Sephora:

I use L'Occtaine Almond Shower Oil for shaving. I love it! It gets my legs so soft while shaving. However, I think shaving cream ultimately gives me a longer lasting shave but doesn't make my legs as soft. (Gee)

My sister let me try her bottle of L'Occitane almond shower oil (she uses it solely for leg shaving, not soaping hehe) - one use and I was hooked. It's hella expensive, but a little goes a long way and I swear it slows down the growth... or maybe it's because it gives a closer shave, therefore appears to slow it down. Who cares - It's one of my little luxuries now. Oils FTW. (diddlybubs)

  • What summer fragrance will you be putting away soon? (Fine, you can list more than one since I picked eight.)
  • Do you wear summery fragrances year-round?
  • Are you managing to cross everything off your summer bucket list? I still have to go to the beach and wear my white bikini, dammit!