Fall Fragrances: 7 Scents To Wear To Your Next Bonfire

As the weather cools, my perfume choices heat way up.
Publish date:
October 2, 2014
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Bonfires have to be one of my favorite fall and winter pastimes ever. In fact, some of my most distinct and happy memories have taken place around a fire, and I don't think that's a coincidence. For example, my past two birthdays involved a bonfire and friends (this year will be a three-peat), and I've got vivid memories of post-marching band fireside parties, s'more-making at summer camp, and sneaking kisses with my now-husband at various backyard bonfire get-togethers throughout our relationship.

The perfumes I'm talking about today either invoke thoughts of bonfires, or I think they'd perfectly complement the glowing embers and smoky air.

Tom Ford Santal Blush

There's sandalwood perfume, and then there's sandalwood perfume done so well it swallows you up like a warm pillow and ignites within you a primal urge to retreat to the core of the nearest forest. Tom Ford's Santal Blush, an exquisitely balanced blend of velvety sandalwood, earthy florals and warm spices housed in an apothecary-inspired bottle, is the latter. Unlike some sandalwood perfumes, Santal Blush feels very modern and fresh to me.

Commodity Whisky and Moss

I don't know about you, but I think the perfect recipe for a successful bonfire is a) good friends b) plenty of wood and c) a modest amount of your favorite spirit. Now I'm kind of a red wine gal, but I'll go for some whiskey or rum to warm me up a little bit more if it's chilly enough. That's kind of why I pulled the Whiskey scent from the Commodity sample package for this roundup--that and it really is the perfect scent for a campfire. It's earthy and woody with a hint of sweet lavender and lemon. Mixed with Moss, which is bright, green, and wet, it's quite the duo of layered scents. Rachel covered Commodity and their sampling kits here.

Vivienne Westwood Boudoir

I'll be honest with you. I wanted Vivienne Westwood's Boudoir perfume based on very shallow grounds: The gorgeous bottle. Despite its 1998 inception, Boudoir's vintage-inspired bottle looks as though it's something a '60s darling would have plucked from the shelves without hesitation. The fragrance is sweeter than any of the others I've listed, but the smoky patchouli and tobacco leaf undertones keep it from being syrupy. It's soft, sensual and quite feminine, but still has a quality of emboldened girl power about it.

Dsquared She WOOD

I've fallen in love with this perfume. Not just because it features an enchanting medley of top, middle, and bottom notes, and not just because the bottle is so cleanly designed. This fragrance is one of only a few that truly transports me to a different state of mind. One sniff and all of a sudden I'm catapulted back to childhood days spent with my sister and cousin exploring the never-ending woods in our backyard. We spent so many hours and days out there that we had every bit of acreage memorized. We founded many a secret club complete with swinging vines and hand-crafted "no trespassing" signs. We'd cross narrow streams by way of fallen trees, and spend hours looking for interesting rocks, bugs, salamanders, or turtle shells. This perfume captures it all. The wet moss, the woody air, the blossoming trees, the dirt that stained our hands, the dewy umbrella plants and mossy trees, the blackberries we'd collect and savor on our mini-journeys. To me, this perfume encapsulates the spirit of three young girls who didn't mind pushing through thorns or spending their weekend with bugs instead of the TV. It's very rare for me to be so emotionally moved by a fragrance, but I can honestly say that this one guts me.

Peacock Parfumerie Allure Perfume Oil

Peacock Parfumerie is an indie fragrance brand with some really good stuff. Allure is a crisp and woodsy fusion of juicy peach, rosebuds, and citrus enveloped in a sea of vanilla-infused sandalwood. It's herb-y and fresh with a certain sort of zing that perks you up. I have the black perfume pendant necklace Peacock Pafumerie sells, as well, which is even more gorgeous in person than I imagined. I love the idea of carrying perfume around my neck.

Peachy Keen Torrey Pines

If you were looking for the perfect fragrance to wear to a beach bonfire, Torrey Pines could very well be your girl. Its top notes of coconut and vanilla hit you first, giving the fragrance a splashy warmth that's very appropriate for shoreside shenanigans. However, there are a few really cool things happening within this fragrance that set it apart from other "beachy scents." To begin, it has sultry bottom notes of pine and fir, which add seductive depth to the overall scent. It also has a delayed note of lemon zest to balance out the sweet and creamy.

Inkling Smoke

A perfume called Smoke seems very at home in a list of fragrances to wear to a bonfire, don't you think? This scent is by an indie store called Inkling and is one of several that I've tried and really liked from the brand. Smoke is made for men, but I think it works very well for women, too. It's a complex fragrance with true layers that hit you one after the other. First up on this journey-for-the-nose is a fusion of spicy tobacco, leatherwood, and oak, which gives way to a pop of various citrus notes. Everything is tied together in a musky and clean, amber-soaked ribbon. I feel really empowered and motivated wearing this, and I love it on my husband, as well.

Which of the above appeals to you the most? And are you into bonfires as much as I am? Who's up for an xoBonfire where we dish on perfume and lipstick and wacky fashion week beauty trends?