There Are So Many Sultry Ways to Revel in Exotic Orchid

This fancypants plant smells as good as it looks.

Over the last couple of months, I've created a few flower-centric roundups, usually focusing on one bud in particular. For example, there was the post on perfectly swoon-worthy rose-infused beauty goods and one on intoxicating gardenia-scented products.

Today, I'm continuing the flower-power trend with the anything-but-humble orchid.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid EDP

Without fail, whenever I spritz myself with Tom Ford's Velvet Orchid perfume, I earn at least one compliment. Velvet Orchid is spicy and woodsy, mellowed out with the faintest trace of vanilla, and gets its distinctive sense of exoticism from the namesake flower. It's a dramatically rich, dark, spicy and sensual scent—perfect for autumn and winter—that siphons seductiveness from even the meekest wearer.

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid Scented Earrings and Necklace

Scented jewelry? You betcha. Pair the words, "My earrings are scented..." with a certain coyness and you've suddenly got yourself a perfectly valid reason to have a handsome or pretty someone lean in close to your neck to get a whiff of said jewelry.

These Lisa Hoffman earrings and necklaces, which come in various metallic finishes and corresponding scents, are hollowed, ornate globes that are then filled with fragrance beads. They're not overpoweringly scented, which is nice, and can be refilled as often as you'd like.

I'm wearing the Madagascar Orchid necklace ($45) and matching earrings ($45), both of which feature a brushed gold-plated charm.

Casetify Orchid iPhone Case

This mosaic orchid phone case, sold at Casetify ($39.95) is definitely not scented. However, it is pretty to look at, which is why I was drawn to it and why I'm including it in this round up.

Note: I'm extremely picky about my phone cases (I mean, it's always out and on display, right?), but this one gets my blessing.

Luz de la Riva Wild Orchid Pheromone Perfume and Body Scrub

Have you noticed a certain theme in this orchid roundup? Sexiness, sensuality, perhaps even a hint of lustiness. This Wild Orchid perfume by Luz de la Riva ($70) fits the bill, as well, as it's loaded with pheromones meant to entice and draw in others.

Lily contains a "natural aphrodisiac" that "releases the hormone oxytocin," so even if you're unable to sway another into a kissing session or a number swap, you'll at least get a little happy-buzz yourself.

Even though it's alcohol-free, the scent is very strong. It's sweet, a little tart, and a little goes a long one. Consider layering it with something warm underneath; a sandalwood, vanilla or amber should do the trick.

This is another pheromone-infused product by the same brand. It's wild orchid-scented and contains a trio of Alaea Hawaiian, Himalayan, and Bolivian rose salts. Again, it's quite rich in fragrance, so a little goes a long way. I recommend using this before you shave (a good rule for salt-based scrubs) and inhaling deeply while you exfoliate.

Matrix Biolage Orchid Hair Products

Finally, let's talk hair. Matrix Biolage has a line of orchid-scented and infused products, including shampoo ($23), conditioner ($25), a hair mask and a "shine shake" treatment ($16). These are intended for color-treated hair—made possible by "nature's fade-defying orchid"—and they smell amazing.

The shampoo and conditioner and rich, but not overly heavy. The "shine shake" is an interesting treatment that, as the name implies, requires you to shake it to mix the ingredients. I apply it to towel-dried hair before blow-drying as a heat protector, and sometimes I'll spritz it on day-two hair for a boost of shine on dry-looking ends.

  • Are you into orchid scents, or do your loyalties lie with another floral?
  • Which flower makes you feel the most sensual and in tune with your sultry side?
  • Any particular flower you'd like to see in another roundup like this?