xoVain Open Thread: Scent-sational!

Oh sure, I can see you rolling your eyes. But how else could I introduce our awesome new Fragrance section?! Eau, the places you’ll go! Etc.!
Publish date:
April 25, 2014
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Guys. This is a HUGE moment for us at xoVain: Today we launched our dedicated Fragrance section. We’re still working out some of the technical details (and please let us know in the comments if you see anything broken or weird), but there you’ll find a story for just about every fragrance need you may have. And we’ll be adding to it all the time!

Here are some fragrance/scent stories I know I want to read:

• The best minty perfumes from the How to Pitch post.

• How to find your signature scent.

• Do coffee beans truly help “reset your nose” when smelling a bunch of perfumes? (Spoiler alert: Not really. Maybe I’ll write that one.)

• Floral fragrances for people who hate floral fragrances.

• What to do if you’ve accidentally OD'd on perfume? (Like, sprayed on too much.)

• How to clean up a perfume spill.

• In Defense Of: Patchouli

• The magical, secret world of L’Oeil du Vert.

• Who are the geniuses behind Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab?

And if you are just as bonkers for perfume as we are, and have a story you want to write, or want us to write, hit us up in the comments or pitches@xovain.com. Fragonerds welcome here.

And now, Open Thread time.