14 Flameless Ways to Fragrance Your Home

None of which are from QVC's Candle Impressions flameless candle show.

You know what's really satisfying? Walking into your living space after being away for the day, the weekend, even a week, and having your nostrils gently graced with the scent of something wonderful. (Especially if you're coming home to a litter box that needs to be scooped. Cat people unite.)

Obviously, you can't keep a candle burning all that time—or rather, you shouldn't—so you must find an alternative way to perpetually fragrance your home. Diffusers help accomplish this, as do baskets of potpourri, scented wax or plug ins. Diffusers are my favorite mindless way to keep my home smelling good, but room sprays also offer a quick burst of scent, as well.


So clearly I have a thing for diffusers, which is why I'm featuring seven of them. And yes, I even narrowed this list down quite substantially.

  • The Body Shop Aloe and Soft Linen Reed Diffuser, $15: Very soft and clean fragrance that isn't overpowering, so it's good for small rooms. Notes are fresh cotton and aloe vera, making it both bright and musky at the same time.
  • TOCCA Cleopatra Profumo d'Ambiente Fragrance Reed Diffuser, $48: Certainly a splurge, but a nice one if you're looking to treat yourself. Cleopatra is one of my favorite TOCCA scents. Their home diffuser and candle tend to lean more grapefruit than powder, which is the opposite of the perfume itself. I'd use this one in a bigger space since it packs a lot of scent.
  • Sabon Aroma Reed Diffuser in Soft Whispers, $34: This one also features nice packaging, which I appreciate. Soft Whispers/Champagne is sudsy and clean smelling above all else, with notes of lavender, as well.
  • DEMETER Home Atmosphere Diffuser Oil in Salt Air, $24: Did you know DEMETER makes all of its PMUs in diffuser versions, as well? Yep. Salt Air is one of my favorites, especially for a home fragrance. It's light and crisp and clean and definitely nods to salty, ocean air.
  • CLEAN Home Fragrance Diffuser in Warm Cotton, $42: Can you see a theme, yet? I tend to prefer crisp, clean and linear scents for home fragrances. CLEAN delivers with their Warm Cotton diffuser, which smells exactly like the air pumped out of a laundry vent. Another splurge, but very worth it.
  • Paddywax Vanilla + Oakmoss Relish Diffuser, $29: This is a warm-meets-earthy fusion of scents, which makes for a very striking home fragrance. I'm partial to the glass bottle it comes with, as well.
  • Antica Farmacista Lemon, Verbena and Ceder, $66: The splurgiest of them all, but it does come in three sizes, including 100mL for $26 and then the 500mL for $94. Is it worth it? That's up to you, but I will tell you that the fragrance disperses widely and evenly, and that it's very inviting, clean, and complex.

Room Sprays

Let's move on to room sprays, yes? I've got four very different scents for you, all that come with my stamp of approval.

  • Olivina Cypress & Fir Room Mist Vaporisateur, $17: This one is so wintry! I plan to use it more frequently as we get closer to the holidays, as it smells exactly like walking through a winter wonderland of cold snow and fir trees.
  • Amala Aroma Apothecary in Rose, $24: This is a room and linen mist by a brand I have a lot of respect for. They source natural, organic ingredients that are also fair trade, and there's a lot to be said for that. The scent is a spicy rose and a little goes a long way.
  • CLEAN Home Fragrance Fresh Laundry Room and Linen Spray, $28: Another winner for CLEAN. Really, you can't go wrong with this brand. This scent is true to its name and makes it seem like you just spent three hours cleaning your house and folding laundry on a perfect, just-warm-enough spring day.
  • Paddywax Apothecary Amber & Smoke Room Spray Vaporisateur, $19: This one leans more smokey than amber, but it's definitely a combination of both. I'd almost call this a sweet tobacco. Super dude friendly if you're looking for a good gift for anyone in your life who digs manly-scented things. Or if you like those kinds of things.


Bath & Body Words Wallflowers: I like Bath & Body Works because they offer such a variety of fragrances, and also because they're located everywhere, making it easy to replenish your fragrance supplies. I'm not going to go into detail on specific scents, but I will tell you that their wall plug-ins are seriously strong.

The scents are dispersed widely—so much so that I recommend them only for large rooms. I've tried to do one in my small bathroom, but it just ends up being a little too strong. Also, I like that some of the plug-ins, like the one on the left here, comes with a nightlight. Great for the kitchen. (Cost is $6.50 per refill, $4 to$15 for the plugs.)

These "wax curiosities" by Peacock Perfumerie are very lightly fragranced, offering more of an aesthetic boost to your room than potent scent. I think they're absolutely beautiful, but I'm often drawn to strange things. Other scented wax sculptures by the brand include roses, a horse head, an outstretched hand, and birds.

The bust is scented with tuberose and the mushrooms, which come as a set, smell like "royal fern." They're all $32 each.

I love a good, old-fashioned hanging air freshener. I like these, by Ankit, because they're more fun to look at than others out there. These are about two to three inches tall and are $4.80 each. The pineapple smells like piña colada and the unicorn smells like lavender.

  • Do you scent your home according to season?
  • What kinds of home fragrances are you drawn to? Baked goods? Spicy? Woodsy? Clean?