Elegant Yet Inexpensive: Nemat Fragrance Oils

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get your own unique and sexy scent.

As a wishful thinking teen, I truly believed that I could settle for one store-bought perfume as my signature scent. It wasn't long before I realized this would not work.

Between smelling my "signature" on other women, telling myself that I needed a scent for each season (and, eventually, one for every mood), my fragrance collection quickly grew. Still, owning a scent entirely unique to me was very appealing. So I started layering, more often than not with a base of amber oil from a company called Nemat International.

Nemat, which prides itself on producing the purest and most exotic fragrance oils for the price ($15.50), began as a family business in India.

My little bottle of Amber oil, with its gold minaret top, is warm yet subtle--the ideal base for layering. When I did my research I learned that it wasn't just amber that Nemat did so well, but countless other scents, too. And the brand has quite the cult following.

I've now tried five of Nemat's roll-on oils, and I have to say my personal favorite has changed. I'm now pretty cuckoo for the Musk Amber, which has the clean warmth of my original amber oil coupled with the sensual headiness of musk.

For you gourmands, there's Vanilla Musk, which reminds me of my beloved Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano, with the vanilla factor turned up to 11. This is the sweetest of the Nemat oils I've tried, but it is in no way sickly or artificial, just pure vanilla pod deliciousness.

And then there's Egyptian Musk, which is a classic musk with a certain je ne sais quoi of wood and floral notes. It's the perfect going-out fragrance: dab some on below your bellybutton and on the backs of your knees and the scent will rise up with your body heat.

Lastly, Nemat's White Musk is similar to The Body Shop's iteration of the scent in that it is a clean, powdery musk and probably the most overtly feminine and "classic" of the bunch.

The great thing about all of Nemat's scents is that they're pure oils with incredible lasting power, so you can mix and match to your delight, or make a simple statement with one. Regardless of the combination you go for, it's guaranteed that someone will lean in and say, "You smell amazing."

  • Have you tried Nemat?
  • What's your favorite fragrance oil?
  • Let's talk layering: tell me your current or dream scent combination.