4 Candles That Look As Gorgeous As They Smell

Spend a little more for a beautiful-smelling and more attractive home.
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October 29, 2014
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Part of being a well-adjusted adult means maintaining a clean and pleasant home. While my house isn’t always scrubbed, polished, and shining like the top of the Chrysler Building, I strive to always keep it presentable. “A home should always be prepared for guests,” as my mom used to tell me.

In addition to looking nice, I like my home to smell fantastic. As a habitual cooker of weird foods as well as a pet owner, filling my home with pleasant scents can be an uphill battle, but it’s always worth it. Here are four candles that fight the fight while looking pretty.

A small disclaimer: I don’t do cheapo candles. Once you’ve burned the best, it’s hard to settle for the rest. Like with many (but not all!) luxury goods, most luxury candles cost more because they’re worth more. For just a bit more money, you get a candle that burns longer and stronger.

Capri Blue In Volcano ($22-$30)

I’ve been obsessed with these candles since I sniffed one of the big blue jars at Anthropologie while I was in high school. It seems like fate, then, that when I up and moved a thousand miles away to college, I found myself in the very same small Mississippi town where these candles are made by hand.

With an intoxicating combination of sugared citrus, juicy tropical fruits, and forest greens, Volcano makes my home seem like my own private getaway.

The candles come in various sizes--I prefer the 24-ounce jar (burn time: 85 hours) or the 8-ounce jar (burn time: 30 hours). As a bonus, the smaller jar comes inside a sturdy cardboard cylinder, which I use to hold pens on my desk, without fear of my cat knocking it over and breaking it.

Candles are available online, at Anthropologie, or in Starkville, Mississippi--the cutest little town with the best candles and the number one football team in America. (Go State!)

Le Feu de L’Eau In Le Feu Violet ($62)

Housed in a gorgeous watercolor purple-streaked jar, Le Feu Violet is one of the greatest scents I’ve ever sniffed. (And I’ve sniffed LOTS of scents!)

This candle fills my entire house with a gorgeous, sultry aroma of citrus, florals and woodsy spices. (I live in a two-story, two-bedroom townhouse, so it’s a pretty powerful little candle!)

Le Feu de L’Eau candles are individually sculpted underwater (!!), custom made, and offer over 80 hours of burn time. If you burn this candle two hours a day every single day, it would still last you over 40 days! Or look at it this way: burn it for an hour during a luxurious bath once a week and you can make this baby last well over a year.

The gorgeous scent is worth the $60 alone. Top notes of grapefruit and soft floral middle notes of geranium and violet combine with heady base notes of Mahogany, Sandalwood, and tobacco. Think of it as perfume for your home. You need this candle. Nay, you deserve this candle.

NEST In Moss & Mint ($14-$58)

NEST candles are another favorite of mine. I discovered them on a shopping spree at Bloomingdale's (with our very own Alle!) and made it a life goal to get my greedy little paws on all these candles eventually.

Right now, I’m burning Moss & Mint, a fresh and vibrant blend of garden mint, apple blossom and muguet infused with oakmoss and vetiver.

I picked up the smaller, votive size while traveling. At only $14, this candle has lasted me since June and I’ve been burning it several times a week. The votive size is perfect for perching on the ledge of my tub.

Besides Moss & Mint, NEST’s candle collaboration with Elton John is worth checking out. Portions from the sale of each candle go towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Chesapeake Bay Candles “The Collection” In Sandalwood Noir ($15)

Since we started off this list with candles made in my new home of Mississippi, it only makes sense that we end it with candles made in my home state of Maryland. Chesapeake Bay Candle’s new collection with Target (aptly titled The Collection) offers a variety of lovely scents housed in adorable ceramic jars.

Sandalwood Noir is a light woodsy scent, with hints of vanilla and vetiver. Its scent doesn’t carry as well as the other candles, but it does burn slowly.

Most of the appeal lies in its adorable jar with removable lid. After it’s done burning, you can use the jar to store personal things like Q-tips, feminine hygiene products, or a secret list of people you have a crush on.

  • Do you ever buy candles just because they’re pretty?
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