I'm Wearing Anywhere from 2 to 9 Fragrances on Any Given Day

Here's what I've been mixing lately, and which perfumes I'm thinking of combining this summer.

I've touched on my intense fragrance routine here before. When I say applying this ish is like second nature, I really mean it. In roughly 1.5 minutes, I have all dabbed on wherever I dab ‘em and I am ready to go forth with my activities smelling gorgeously me.

My general scent profile is equal parts sweet and woodsy and definitely incense-heavy. I have been lessening the sweet lately in favor of following the incense smoke deeper into the rabbit hole. It just feels right to smell like a flower thief who ran through a church or something rather than to stick to the sweet scents of my younger years that attracted strangers, because science. It does wonders for my mystery factor!

Typically, I dab precisely three essential oils, two Tom Ford samples, and one flower absolute, misting two Thierry Mugler babies on as a top coat. The resulting effect is a luscious maelstrom of feminine but tough energy, walking through a wood peppered with flowers.

On any given day I’m wearing the following scents:

  1. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
  2. Tom Ford Oud Wood
  3. Attar of rose
  4. NOW Solutions Frankincense Oil (diluted to 20%)
  5. NOW Solutions Myrrh Oil (diluted to 20%)
  6. NOW Solutions Cedarwood Oil
  7. LUSH Hellstone
  8. Thierry Mugler Angel
  9. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Wood (sometimes)

This habit leaves me smelling the same almost every day, and there's no better time than today to change it up!

For summer, I have decided to do just that. I rounded up a few combinations that most would gasp at, but opposites attract, and these combos are as unique-smelling as can be.

Polo Ralph Lauren Supreme Oud + Flower Beauty Sultry

Supreme Oud reminds me of some ding-dong from my teens who wore Joop!, only like 9000 times classier, so not him. It's truly warm and settling into your bones like a stiff drink, so I don’t care who this is marketed for; I would wear this every day and likely will.

Flower’s Sultry is a bit more complex; soft, fruity plum is supported by the mild spice of pink pepper and patchouli musk, one of my old standbys. Together, they are dreamy and solid—one foot on the ground, one in the clouds!

Kenneth Cole Mankind Ultimate + Lavanila Labs Vanilla Coconut

Now we’re getting extra-weird. Mankind Ultimate may be gendered, but I'd never listen to that nonsense. It does have a slight sporty edge at first sniff, but it’s blooming notes of tonka bean, oak, and pineapple make it tart, deep, and sensual.

Plotting away as usual, I began sniffing around my boyf’s scents to see what could round it out more, and got my socks knocked off by the vibe of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille with Mankind. Since it does not belong to me, I found my own balanced and delicious way to soften the sport and make the tonka beans sing even louder: Lavanila Labs Vanilla Coconut. The sexy cake of Vanilla Coconut wafts into the deep cardamom of Mankind and then you basically have equal parts Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara.

By Terry Terryfic Oud Extremê + Essence of Beauty Luscious Peony

Frankly, I wouldn’t have put either of these scents into my queue, as rich orientals and super-sweet florals I leave for others, but I was won over more easily than I though possible.

Luscious Peony is a crisp floral mist with notes of grapefruit, magnolia and peony—sugary and feminine to the max. On the contrary, Terryfic Oud Extreme is a unisex multi-layer anvil of boldness, leather, and incense. I love the idea of Oud Extreme, but it's a brave move and perhaps too brave for even me.

Now that I was in the full swing of mix and matching, putting these two polar opposites together was like trying to press two magnets together: the space is maintained, they are independent and yet they are still together. The pair is a regal and full-bodied bit of confidence, deep as an ocean and as high as the treetops at the same time.

There’s nothing like an unexpected pairing, and following the heteronormative cologne and perfume selection will do you no favors if you are a rare bird of any sex. I think everyone should have fun with fragrance to this degree if they want to get a truly unique combo. I’ll be forcing my man to mix in Kenneth Cole with his Tom Ford because who doesn’t want to channel a sexy werewolf? Personally I think rocking Ralph Lauren is going to up the wood factor in my own magical forest to fairy level.

  • Got any other weird scent combos you want to share?
  • What's the most scents you've worn at one time?