Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream: Daisy's Sweet Younger Sister

Publish date:
September 15, 2014
fragrance, marc jacobs, floral fragrances, daisy dream, dakota fanning, elle fanning

Sniffing the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream side-by-side with the original Daisy makes me think of those pint-size Marc Jacobs muses, Dakota and Elle Fanning.

Much like no one would call the 20-year-old Dakota grown-up (except when compared to her impossibly fresh-faced sister), I never would have described Daisy as mature--until I tried Daisy Dream.

With its strawberry top note, charmingly plastic florals, and oh-so-whimsical bottle, Daisy was already one of the most youthful perfumes on the market. But Daisy Dream’s floral notes are even brighter, like someone threw open the windows in Daisy’s blinding all-white apartment.

Dream opens very similarly to Daisy, making the family resemblance obvious. (Please note that neither fragrance smells anything like actual daisies.) The two part ways about half an hour in, when Daisy Dream becomes much sweeter and warmer. The bright blue skies and floaty white dresses in the Daisy Dream ads position it as a summer fragrance, but the sweeter dry-drown could also tell a fall story.

I do have to call out the lasting power: Daisy Dream is a little lacking, fading significantly by the hour mark.

Should fans of the OG Daisy make the switch to Daisy Dream? It probably depends on which aspect of Daisy you enjoy. If you’re drawn to the freshness of Daisy’s floral notes, Daisy Dream’s dry-down might feel too sweet to you. But if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a slightly sweeter Daisy, you no longer have to wish.