This Body Cream Will Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

And now for the most important sentence of this entire article: Yes, it works.
Publish date:
July 9, 2014
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Phoenix inhabitants divide their year into two halves. The first is winter, where the weather is so breathlessly perfect every day that you don't even think about it. Without fail, it's going to be sunny, in the 70s, and all is right with the world.

The other half of the year is summer, AKA hell. It's so hot outside that all you can think about is the temperature and you habitually check the forecast, crossing your fingers that the high isn't going to be over 110 and rejoice on days when it's "only 105."

With hot temperatures come sweat. Sure, it's a "dry heat," and that sweat evaporates almost instantaneously off your skin, but good luck trying to smell like a delicate flower when the Sonoran sun is baking you alive. Seriously, opening your door in July is akin to standing in front of an oven. Here, we don't have summer breezes; those are referred to as heat waves.

Anyway, back to my point: smelling good. I am extremely picky about the way I smell. I'm known to take multiple showers a day and I always keep perfume in my purse. You can imagine my delight when I happened upon fragrance boosting creams, which promise to not only enhance whatever perfume you're wearing, but make it last through the day.

I got my hands on L'Occitane's Fragrance Beautifying Cream as quickly as I could and, ladies, this stuff is a game changer.

Two things:

1. The Fragrance Beautifying Cream does have its own scent. This surprised me, but in a good way. It's a very light, clean scent--think freshly showered--with the slightest hint of something creamy.

2. Speaking of creamy, this stuff has the best texture ever. It's nice and thick, which makes application easy, and it melts into the skin instantly. It has a slightly dewy finish on the skin, but I wouldn't call it heavy or greasy.

So what exactly is a "fragrance beautifying cream?" I'll tell you. According to the box, "this cream was specially designed to enhance and beautify" essentially any perfume you apply on top of it.

And now for the most important sentence of this entire article: Yes, it works.

The directions say to apply the cream to clean skin, focusing on the neck and décolleté. Then you create a cloud of perfume (which is apparently two to three spritzes) and walk into it like you own the place.

I've been alternating a few fragrances this summer, two of which are Prada Candy and Burberry Summer, both discounted at FragranceNet (I never buy perfume full price…). They are both light fragrances--making them ideal for summer--but they're quite different from each other. For that reason, I thought they'd be perfect to test with the Fragrance Beautifying Cream.

Prada Candy sort of reminds me a more sophisticated, warmer version of Pink Sugar. It's got a similar sugary quality to it, but is fresher and more sensual. When applied on top of the Fragrance Beautifying Cream, it retains its original scent, but lingers longer. Prada Candy has good lasting power without the cream, but I do think the cream increased its longevity.

Now for a completely different scent. Burberry Summer is a delicate fruity-floral that's really clean and garden-fresh. It doesn't have quite the staying power that Prada Candy does, probably because it's more crisp and light, but with the cream, I noticed it lasted several more hours than without. I actually think that the scent of the cream mixes perfectly with the perfume, which adds a new level of richness and depth to the entire scent story.

I've tried the cream with a few other fragrances, including Philosophy Amazing Grace, Lush Vanillary, and my Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser. Each time, it has prolonged the life of the scents and created an intriguing, delicately layered effect.

Honestly, I didn't expect a cream to do much for my fragrance game, but here I am writing a success story. I like it enough to wear it without any fragrance on top, but I love that it mixes seamlessly with anything I put on top of it. And seriously, any product that makes me smell better for longer when it's 111 degrees outside gets a gold star from me.

Do you layer your fragrance with a body cream? Or have you tried this one?