7 Intoxicating Ways to Smell Like Gardenia This Summer

Arguably one of the most satisfying floral scents EVER.

Not long ago, I did a roundup of rose infused products and, in the comment section, xoVain's own Victoria gushed over her love for gardenia. I knew what I had to do: gather gardenia scented goods and share them with you all.

Gardenias are as pretty as they are fragrant. Who can resist the charm of those fluffy, creamy white blossoms nestled against a rich green base of sturdy leaves? Not Samantha, and not me. The scent, intensely warm and sweet, is the epitome of an innocent summer. It's fresh, it's earthy, it's intoxicating, and it's deeply satisfying.

Flora by Gucci Glorious Gardenia, $100

Hnnnngggg. I am a sucker for practically any and every scent that Gucci makes, and their Glorious Gardenia (on sale at FragranceNet—woohoo!) is no exception. It feels simultaneously young and adult, and I love the entire scent story that it tells. That first spritz is bright and bold with a definite note of gardenia, but it quickly softens into something creamier as time goes by. It's a perfect scent for day and night, and one application will last you a good four to six hours.

Spitfire Girl No. 3, $26

This No.3 roller ball EDP by Spitfire Girl is an ultra-fragrant bouquet of lilac, jasmine and gardenia. It definitely packs a lot of scent into one swipe, making this one an excellent bargain option. The three flowers combined are sweet in and of themselves, but the perfume isn't overbearingly so—a lovely blend that's perfect for summer.

Diptyque Gardenia Candle, $60

The struggle for a good summer candle is real. I feel like the summer months just don't lend themselves to candles—maybe it's because I'm usually drawn to really warm scents—so when I find something light and refreshing, I feel like I won the candle lottery. Diptyque's specialty is home fragrance, so I shouldn't be too surprised.

This particular candle is straight-up gardenia, but it's a really earthy gardenia. It makes me think of dusk, just when the buds are starting to cool off a little bit from the pressing sun.

Creed Fleurs de Gardenia, $142

I know this Creed Fleurs de Gardenia EDP comes with a hefty price tag. That's partly because it was crafted by Olivier Creed, the reigning nose behind the Parisian brand. It's also a very thoughtfully designed fragrance, with depth and a true sense of modernity. It's definitely gardenia, but not as obviously so as some of the others in this roundup. Middle notes of gardenia and jasmine rise through the top notes of pink pepper and black currant, and it's all softened with the slightest bit of musk, patchouli and cedar.

Terranova Gardenia Body Wash, $14.50 and TOCCA Florence Bagno Profumato, $18

Terranova's Hydrating Body Wash in Gardenia is light, sweet and creamy. It also has the most subtle notes of lemongrass and gingko, and lathers like a pro. They sell wholesale on their website, but you can buy individual bottles on Amazon.

TOCCA's version of a gardenia body wash, called Florence, is also very lovely. It has a much brighter quality to it, almost citrusy but not quite. It's probably the bergamot. It leaves a long lasting, lingering gardenia scent on your skin.

Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia, $25

OK, I chose this Elizabeth Taylor Gardenia perfume for the bottle. And that price point is really hard to argue with, too. This scent is a very sweet gardenia—the sweetest out of anything here. That said, as someone who usually cannot stand super-sweet fragrances, I was surprised at how much I liked this scent. I think what moves it away from cloying territory is its unmistakable freshness; it's clean, soapy, cool and never heavy.

  • What flower do you prefer to smell like?
  • Have you tried any of the above?
  • Gardenia: yay or nay?