Two Fragrances I'm Layering That Have People Leaning In to Get a Better Whiff

Few things are as invigorating as writing down my perfume for a random stranger who can't get enough of what I'm wearing.
Publish date:
May 29, 2014
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Like an assortment of the writers here at xoVain, including Beth and Kara, I've got a bit of a thing for perfumes. My collection knows no bounds, and I'm forever searching and sniffing my way to my next signature scent. I've dabbled in the world of indie perfumes and basked in the classics.

Honestly, though, few things are as invigorating as writing down my perfume for a random stranger who simply can't get enough of whatever it is I'm wearing.

One such perfume is actually not a singular fragrance, but two that I've been layering since things really started heating up here in the Phoenix valley. Pairing the two together was a happy accident, really. I had forgotten I'd applied one and then hopped into my car only to spritz my wrist with the other one shortly after. I instantly realized my "mistake," but the marriage of these two scents quickly made my fear of smelling too strong turn into the realization that I'd happened upon something magnificent.

The first fragrance is Smell Bent's St. Tropez Dispenser, a product I never would have heard of if it weren't for my POPSUGAR Must Have subscription box. It was included in May's box--which I received very early in the month--and I applied it almost immediately. Hands down it was love at first whiff.

St. Tropez Dispenser smells exactly like a day at the beach: fresh flowers and juicy coconut mixed with sweet sunscreen and salty ocean waves. Even if it were the middle of winter and you sprayed yourself with it, you'd instantly feel a warmth wash over you because it sends you catapulting back to memories of feet digging into hot sand. Seriously, so good.

The second is a fragrance that's new to me, but a favorite for many of our dear xoVain readers: Lush Vanillary. In fact, the only reason I purchased it is because it received such rave reviews and I needed to see what all the fuss was about. The fuss is legit.

Vanillary is unlike many other vanilla-inspired fragrances that are overly sweet and inauthentic. If you've ever introduced your nose to a fresh vanilla bean, that's exactly what Lush Vanillary is like.

Bring these two forces together and you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind scent that everyone comments on. Vanillary softens St. Tropez Dispenser ever-so-slightly, making you smell as if you've walked through a bakery just before heading down to the shoreline.

I like to layer scents every once in a while when the products lend themselves to doing so, which isn't always the case. But these two definitely do and I'll be wearing them together all summer long.

Tell me: Are you a fragrance layerer? If so, what's your go-to combo?