Confession: I Actually Like This Celebrity Fragrance

Katy Perry’s Royal Revolution ignites the light and lets it shine.

I like Katy Perry’s fragrances. There it is. In black and white, for all the world to see. Even though I’m not much for mainstream scents (Replica Beach Walk, Tocca, and TokyoMilk are my JAMS, yo), there’s something lighthearted and fun about Katy's perfumes.

One very dangerous year (for my credit cards, I mean), I managed a counter in a Nordstrom cosmetics department and thus found myself in constant proximity to all the new fragrance launches. So when Katy Perry’s first scent debuted in 2010 and I decided I really liked it, my fragrance-counter friend told me nobody would make fun of me for buying one (man, am I a sucker).

The fragrance was called Purr. PURR, you guys. I was, uh, a little older than Purr’s target demographic, but something about the giddy flirtatiousness of the scent appealed to me. The purple, cat-shaped bottle housed a light, fruity floral with a lingering caramel dry down that just rang my olfactory bell at the time; it's very “girls' night out.” And get this: people routinely asked me what I was wearing. Fancy people. I demurred more often that not back then, but nowadays this girl has zero shame.

So when I happened to flip to a magazine sample of Killer Queen: Royal Revolution, my nose went right to that glossy page in hopes of another home run. Royal Revolution is third in Perry’s Killer Queen line (how badass is that name?!) after the original red-bottled Killer Queen and the purple-bottled Oh So Sheer riff.

With top notes of pomegranate, orange blossom, and freesia, Royal Revolution is more fruity than I tend to go for these days, but vanilla orchid, leather, and “skin musk” (whatever that is) anchor the blend. There’s also a cottony-fresh aspect to the scent that didn’t make it into anyone else’s reviews or descriptions. Whatever, I SMELL IT. It lends a clean, sophisticated feel to the fragrance, which elevates it from Calgon Take-Me-Away body- spray territory (a common pratfall of many a sweet perfume).

My only qualm is with the staying power. Like its feline-bottled predecessor, the scent fades after a few hours. To combat this, I filled a travel spray for midday pick-me-ups, and I’ll spritz some on my hairbrush so my natural hair oils carry the scent longer. Plus, then I can do a Marcia Brady hair flip that smells good, which basically fulfills of all my childhood aspirations.

Are there any other celebrity fragrances I should know about? Tell me about the perfume bottles you keep in your sock drawer so no one sees. Oh yeah, I know about those. You can’t keep secrets from me.