These Jasmine-Scented Products Have Shown Me a Whole New World

Get it?!

Forgive the Aladdin puns. This is serious business, in which I share an assortment of jasmine-scented products that'll make your hair, body and home smell like the dainty, sweet, white flower that likely evokes at least one childhood memory from many of you.

This is my continuation of what I'm calling the xoFloralFiles. Previous roundups include rose (here and here), gardenia, violet, orchid and honeysuckle. I've got some others in the works, so holler at me if you there's a certain floral scent you want to see.

Lush R&B Hair Moisturizer

In recent months, my hair has undergone some serious damage, and the only person to blame is myself. To make a long story short: lack of moisturizing and protective product, excessive heat-styling, a decision to trim my own hair, and more excessive heat-styling. Following an episode of breakage and crying and cursing at myself while huff-puffing in front of a mirror, I decided to up the ante and really start nurturing my hair, even if that meant spending more money, washing way less frequently, and not "speed-drying" my hair on high heat.

Since LUSH tends to deliver, and since this product was so highly rated, I decided to give their R&B Hair Moisturizer a try. It just so happens to be scented with orange blossom and jasmine (aka literally heaven), and it is the fattiest, silkiest, most luxurious hair moisturizer your money can buy. It's applied to wet hair before styling, and your thirsty hair will soak up every drop, leaving you lightly scented and super-moisturized.

Fun fact: I actually ate fresh cupuacu, straight from the tree, during a one-week stint I did in the Amazon Rainforest. It tastes like an acidic, fatty banana and I approve of its inclusion in this product.

The Body Shop Jasmine & White Frangipani Reed Diffuser

I don't know about you, but I like to keep a diffuser in basically every room of my house. I have one in my bedroom, one in my bathroom, two in my living room, and another in the area I keep my litter boxes. I love that they last so long, I love that they deliver continued fragrance (versus a candle), and I love how pretty they are.

I've got a couple favorite brands and The Body Shop is one of them, partly because they're super-affordable at $15 each, and partly because they offer such an array of scents. Also, and most importantly, their diffusers aren't overpoweringly scented, and even the sweet scents, like this jasmine and white frangipani diffuser, have a very clean, light, brightness to them.

Hampton Sun Privet Bloom EDP

This is a fusion of white hyacinth, lily of the valley and jasmine, and all are equally represented in this soft, green, feminine EDP by Hampton Sun. When I spritz Privet Bloom, I imagine myself sitting in the cool, damp shade of a dripping, floral tree, nestled against a shore with my toes dug into the wet sand. I don't think there's a more appropriate scent you'll find for spring and summer.

Sabon Delicate Jasmine Shower Oil

If you're looking for a place to get your jasmine fill, Sabon has an entire line dedicated to the flower called "Delicate Jasmine." It's a very well done fragrance that, unlike the others on this list, leans into the warmth of the sun versus a cool, shaded greenness.

This is called a Shower Oil, which is kind of confusing because it's ultimately a body wash. It's just crafted with lots of different essential oils, as well as tried-and-true favorites such as olive, avocado, jojoba and wheat germ oils. It has a thinner, slicker feel as a result, but it suds up and leaves skin super-hydrated, soft and mildly fragranced like jasmine.

Pinrose Wild Child EDP

This EDP by Pinrose is a sugary trifecta of jasmine, gardenia and plumeria. If Tinkerbell were a modern woman, as flirty as she was sophisticated, this is the fragrance she'd spritz onto her wrists, bust and back of her neck. She'd climb out of her flower-furnished, twinkle light-lit tree house, hit the office (for a couple hours), and then spend the rest of the day lounging in a garden hammock while the Lost Boys kept the cosmos flowing.

Wild Child is definitely appropriate for spring and summer months, and has this energetic buzz to it that makes me feel like doing something adventurous.

  • Which of these appeals to you most?
  • Is there anything else you'd add to the jasmine roundup?