Ineke’s Scent Library: For Fragonerds & Bibliophiles Alike

I’ve paired the gorgeous scents in this gift set with some of my favorite works of literature.

It’s almost as if this scent collection was created just to thrill the heart of this English major. Embodying my love of literature and fine fragrance, Ineke Scent Library sells 2.5 ml samples of five stunning scents, packaged elegantly in a charming book that fits in perfectly on your bookshelf.

Upon opening, you’ll find scent descriptions on five cute “library cards.” Each bottle has enough to last you quite a while, so at only $25, this collection is a steal. The fragrances are pretty long-lasting, though they’re also small and durable enough to keep in your bag for a touch-up.

I decided to pair each of these scents with a book that I feel fits with their general vibe. You certainly needn’t spritz yourself before curling up with a good read, but it can’t hurt.

Poet’s Jasmine is girly and herbal, with floral and citrus notes inspired by jasmine tea.

Because of those, it’s light and feminine, but spicier hints of cardamom, frankincense, and rosemary meet with a woody base to keep the whole thing from becoming precious.

Wear it while reading:

The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty. I’ve loved this book for a long time, and while its plot can be heavy and dark, the story of returning home and remembering where you came from has always left me feeling brighter and better. Also, fun fact: Eudora lived just a few blocks away from my house in Jackson, Mississippi.

Scarlet Larkspur is a vibrant and softly spicy scent.

Blood orange, red wine, and cherry dry down to a much richer, heady fragrance, with notes of nutmeg and vanilla prevailing. It’s mature, but bright enough for day wear.

Wear it while reading:

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler. This book is smart, poignant, and gripping in the way it tells a story of a family whose unique story makes them different, but whose close familial bond and the challenges they face makes them just like the rest of us. And there’s a surprise twist that makes it all worth reading.

Sweet William is the sexiest and headiest of the scents.

Patchouli, cedarwood, and sandalwood all meet to brawl it out, only to be subdued by the softness of sweet, fragrant peach. Lingering notes of clove and bourbon vanilla round out this wintery, unisex scent.

Wear it while reading:

Runaway by Alice Munro. This collection of short stories compiles tales of romance, adventure, pain, and sorrow in cunning and viscerally vivid chapters. Munro writes about women of all ages and backgrounds, somehow making them all seem like someone you’ve never met and someone you’ve known all your life.

Angel’s Trumpet is a fresh, springy scent with notes of honeydew, orange, and leafy greens.

These bright notes are weighted down by warm cinnamon, musk and allspice. It’s a warm, summery scent.

Wear it while reading:

Yes Please by Amy Poehler, which is the most joyful book I’ve read all year. Read it. I mean it.

Briar Rose is inspired by the original, much darker version of Sleeping Beauty. (Not the fluffy Disney adaptation or Rachel Bilson’s adorable new baby daughter.)

This exotic scent pairs heavier notes of patchouli and vanilla with spices of cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. Notes of violet, raspberry, and rose tie it all together in a sexy, alluring fragrance.

Wear it while reading:

One of Shakespeare’s murkier tragedies. Might I suggest Hamlet, especially if you haven’t reread it since high school.


Ineke’s Scent Library is an exciting journey of fragrances, and it makes the perfect gift for any literary-minded fragophile.

  • Let's talk perfume and books: What book do you think deserves its own fragrance? What would the scent be like?
  • What’s the best book you’ve read recently? I’ll go first: Yes Please by Amy Poehler is phenomenal.