Indie Product Of The Week: Poppy Drops Island Honey Perfume Stick

It looks like lip balm, but it's a kid- and adult-friendly way to wear a sweet, subtle scent.
Publish date:
May 22, 2014
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I'm rarely one to ingest honey. I have never drizzled it on a damn thing, and if I'm drinking tea instead of coffee for some strange reason, I'll put a little milk in it instead of honey. I do enjoy the smell of honey, though.

Honey can come from a wide variety of flower nectars, and I know the difference between a whopping none of them. Nevertheless, I was intrigued when I saw that a cute mom-run brand called Poppy Drops had come out with a solid perfume--in stick form, no less--in a fragrance called Island Honey.

You can't help but immediately think of a tropical island, right? And clearly, Poppy Drops wants you to think of that, as evidenced by the lei-like flowers on the packaging.

But I'm technically on an island right now, Manhattan. I don't think I want to smell like Manhattan's version of honey, whatever that may be. But I digress. (FUN FACT: "But I Digress..." was the name of my column in Florida State University's student newspaper after the editors didn't understand why I wanted to call it "Marci And The Amazing Technicolor Dream Column.")

Made with only beeswax, coconut oil and fragrance oil that adds some vanilla and ocean-breeziness in addition to honey, I think it's definitely a tropical island Poppy Drops is trying to convey.

But if you enjoy a pure honey smell, you won't be disappointed by all of this island whimsy; the traces of other notes are barely there, especially when you apply it straight from the convenient, easily-mistaken-for-lip-balm stick to your skin.

You have to get very close to smell it, but when you do--I've been taking whiffs of my wrists all day--you're treated to a sweet, subtle scent.

Perfume Sticks are the latest product from Poppy Drops, which also makes temporary earring tattoos and stick-on nail art. These products, including the un-spill-able Perfume Sticks, were inspired when the founder's daughter started wanting to do big-girl beauty things. The other scents--Flower Petal, Warm Sugar, Powder Fresh, and Watermelon Cucumber--work for both little girls and big girls (aka women) because of their subtlety and simplicity.

And at $9, you can buy a few and layer them for a personalized, wear-every-day-whether-or-not-you-live-on-an-island fragrance.