The Sweetest Honeysuckle Roundup You Ever Did Smell

EDPs, a candle, soap and body butter.
Publish date:
April 1, 2016
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I put together a roundup of rose-inspired products a couple weeks ago, and at the end of the post asked what other types of florals you'd like to see in the spotlight. Per normal, I combed through all of your wonderful comments and then started a little list. Some flower suggestions I had already covered, such as gardenia and orchid, others I had a head start on, and some I hadn't even considered!

Today's roundup focuses on honeysuckle, which is one of my favorite scents in the entire world, and clearly a favorite of the xoVain community, as well. Honeysuckle-scented products are surprisingly hard to come by in the skincare and beauty world, but I have some serious winners in this bunch.

Aerin Mediterannean Honeysuckle EDP

Anytime I spray this, I automatically make the Meg Ryan "O" face and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Aerin is a GD genius when it comes to fresh, natural, but still "perfumed" fragrances, and their Mediterranean Honeysuckle EDP is truly transporting. It's an exotic and refreshing blend of sweet, dripping honeysuckle and warm, citrusy grapefruit. It also has an undercurrent of jasmine, gardenia and lily of the valley that send this into a more floral-leaning fragrance than a citrusy one.

Formulary55 Wild Honeysuckle Shea Butter Moisturizing Soap

I love the Formulary55 brand, partly because of their small-batch approach, partly because of their story (she started the business out of her kitchen in 1993, he left his job at Microsoft to focus on their brand), and partly because of their mission to create high quality goods. Their $10 Wild Honeysuckle bar soap, super-fatted with palm, coconut and Shea butters, first smells super clean and soapy, and combines honeysuckle with a green earthiness and pinch of citrus.

The Body Shop Honeymania Line

I am obsessed with The Body Shop's body butters, verified by the fact that I've probably featured half a dozen of them here at xoVain alone. They're super thick and creamy, but not greasy at all, and they hydrate all day long.

The Honeymania line — which includes body butter ($21), a shower gel ($10) and a lip balm — is explicitly honey-scented, but it also has distinct notes of honeysuckle. It's super sweet, floral, and creamy, and is continually lauded by TBS fans. I like to layer it with the Aerin fragrance above.

Wildfox Couture EDP

I've written about this perfume before, and I still love it. Wildfox is a splashy, floral-forward EDP that's softened with a powdery, ambrosia backbone. It has an undeniable sweetness to it thanks to middle notes of honeysuckle and jasmine, and is warmed even further by hints of honey and incense. To me, it smells like the freest summer you could imagine, and creates this arousing aroma when married with fresh sweat and day two hair.

Rosy Rings Honeysuckle Candle

When it comes to home fragrances, I tend to be a little picky. I like scents that are rich but not nauseating, clean, and, well, pretty to look at. Rosy Rings tends to deliver on all of the above. Their two-wick Honeysuckle candle — housed in a distressed metal tin with an ornamented lid — is made from natural wax and promises 100 hours of burn time. It's sweet and earthy with a prominent honeysuckle note followed by hints of pear, magnolia and tea. The scent is very strong, so I recommend it for large rooms or short burns.

Did I miss any of your favorite honeysuckle-scented products on this list? Tell me in the comments! And please continue sharing suggestions for future floral-scented roundups.