The Surprising Addition to My Fall Fragrance Collection, Plus COTW!

Fresh Cannabis Santal is my newest fall fragrance obsession.
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October 24, 2015
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Have you guys been stocking up on any new fall fragrances (or re-stocking old favorites)? Of course, I'm very happy to be bathing in Tom Ford Black Orchid again, but I've also been trying out Fresh Cannabis Santal.

It's funny because I really hate the smell of straight-up patchouli (my dad drives me crazy when he wears it) but I still like this fragrance. It definitely has a strong patchouli note, but it also has notes of rose, dark chocolate, and plum. It's a pretty complex fragrance that changes a lot. Personally, I can pick out the bitter dark chocolate amongst the patchouli right away, and then it mellows on my skin to something a little bit sweeter and less abrasive.

It's technically labeled as a men's fragrance but you can feel free to ignore that. It is fairly masculine, but I think it's perfect for fall no matter your gender. It's fresh, cozy, and earthy. Give it a sniff if you get a chance.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "Kate" has helpful and hilarious insights into pubic moisturizing and maintenance:

Yooooooo, you guys gotta be rubbing coconut oil up in your business. I mean, I really get in there. It's coconut oil, you can literally put it in your butt. And it makes everything the silky smoothest! I also refuse to remove pubic hair because 1) lazy, 2) ingrown hairs no thanks, 3) itchy as it grows out and 4) the patriarchy.

2. I am loving this scented candle recommendation from "EmC":

The Mahogany Teakwood candle from Bath and Body Works smells like what I imagine Chris Hemsworth getting out of the shower would smell like.

3. "thegirlwiththethorninherside" knows her stuff when it comes to weird lipstick colors:

I gotta say, I'm super interested in that gloss now. I think for the cost and hassle of Illamasqua, it might be easier to just use a long wear liquid from KVD or Jeffree Star. They've both got black (KVD Witches is the shit!) and Jeffree has a few shades of blue. For the more budget conscious, it doesn't get any better than the Portland Black Lipstick Co. in my opinion. Their black is too creamy for me, but it is super opaque. Difficult Island is the best blue of all time ever (I have tried A LOT of blue lipsticks) and Chaiborg is my favorite metallic.

4. "StephJK" has a good tip for special occasion makeup:

I wear bold lipstick everyday, so that doesn't make me feel dressed up. I always do a defined crease + eyeshadow, a cateye and 3 pounds of highlighter. The real kicker that makes me feel fancy is taking a makeup wipe to carefully wipe away excess shadow into a cateye shape. All cateye everything, basically. Become a cat to be fancy.

5. "General Burnsthighs" made me laugh because their opinion on plastic surgery and bionics is the same as my boyfriend's reaction to the idea of cochlear implants (basically, "YAY CYBORGS!"):

I don't have any plans for any surgeries, but I wouldn't rule out some fillers or light Botox. What I would DEFINITELY pay big bucks (that I don't have) for is bionics. I'd want electronically enhanced eye sight and hearing, and to install a computer on my arm, but I'm game for pretty much anything. PUT ALL THE TECHNOLOGY IN ME. MAKE ME A CYBORG DAMMIT.

  • Have you tried Fresh Cannabis Santal? What do you think?
  • Anyone else having fun with a new fall fragrance (or two)?
  • What's the best fragrance for fall, in your opinion?