How is Fragrance Jewelry Not a Humongous Trend Yet?

I think these two big names in beauty might finally make that happen
Publish date:
June 28, 2015
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Hate to say duh, but I LOVE jewelry. I briefly considered doing a jewelry design major for my BFA at FIT, but the idea of paying another 25k for a piece of paper was daunting to say the least.

I am thoroughly enjoying my beauty star’s trajectory, though, so no regrets! The path I’m on finds me jetting around this not-so-fair city of mine in search of the newest, best and most interesting stuff to bring back to my loving community, and it's truly a pretty sweet gig. And this past week, I got to see two very differently designed and priced examples of a forthcoming trend powerhouse: fragranced jewelry.

I oft see this attempted, though never quite like this, and never by such aristocratic iconoclasts as Kilian Hennessy, Paige Novick, and also Lisa Hoffman.

Kilian’s super-high-end and super delightful perfumery teamed up with jewelry designer Paige Novick to create a luxury collection of scented jewelry that's innovative, effective, but mainly absolutely gorgeous. I got a sneak peek at this four-figure range spectacular-ness, and it was pretty special.

Bullet-inspired designs in gunmetal and warm yellow gold are unique, striking, and functional. Each piece houses a ceramic pellet that holds the scent of a perfume for up to seven days. So basically, spray up your fav scent, and rock each day you want to smell like a deity.

I was dying over By Kilian’s Good Girl Gone Bad, which, to me, smells like Rihanna and Piper Perabo opened a bar together: chill and understated but able to crank to full volume without batting a pretty eyelash or changing a thing. Imagining myself with a ring worth a month’s rent in gold and a week’s worth of seducing has a profoundly empowering vibe to it; I highly recommend it, even if you are just trying it on for fun. The gorgeous earrings, necklaces, rings, and cuffs are around $2,500, and feature real diamonds, real gold, and a set of reuseable fragrance pellets.

On the more affordable end of the spectrum is a collection by the wife of one of my favorite favorite actors of all time, Lisa Hoffman, entrepreneur wife to beloved Dustin Hoffman. (All I will say on that subject is that if you haven’t seen I Heart Huckabees, you are FAILING!) Lisa herself was an established ladyboss before wedding in 1980, and her hybrid perfume jewelry is lighthearted, fun, and colorful—plenty of my favorite things wrapped up into one!

I wore the Vibrant Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet, and the little fragrance beads inside the charm smell like that yummy Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger shampoo that I adore to pieces. It’s soft, floral but not stinging, and has a faint musk that reminds me of a humid day when you finally smell the nighttime efforts of someone’s flower garden—a rare treat in an urban setting.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty makes a variety of scent pellets for her jewelry, and their prices range from $50 to 2,500, as she does precious metals and gems collabs with jewelry designers as well.

These pieces are a scent lover’s dream gift, there’s no reason why you should get someone who loves to smell good basic jewelry when you can have them looking good AND smelling good! Personally, I will hold these things up to my nose when passing a trying-scented yuck patch, and there are many where I live. Sure beats putting Vick’s onto your nose and praying it lasts the half-mile out of the fish zone!

  • Anyone got a lead on some indie scented jewelry?
  • Who would rather have a diamond encrusted perfume you could wear over a regular ol' spritz?