These $9 Fragrance Oils Are Basically A Forest In A Bottle

Maine's Long Winter Soap Co. will get you in the mood for fall.

It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of sunny days and the smell of coconuts, but it happens. Summer never really came to the north this year, and I’m ready to throw in the beach towel and pull out my boots.

While I’m pretty minimal when it comes to makeup, I am absolutely mad about fragrance, which is why I’m stocking up on some lovely, whimsical roll-on scents from Long Winter Soap Co.

I’ve always loved the idea of singular scents: fragrances that smell like a noun, essentially. Demeter is pretty famous for its singular scents, such as Dirt, Tomato, and Library. They're terrific at nailing down a specific smell, but their perfumes lack staying power.

Long Winter Soap Co. is a small, cruelty-free Maine-based company that specializes in singular scents of the ordinary (Dandelion, Lemon Violet, Fjord) and storybook variety (Gretel, Drunk Santa, Porridge). Made with vitamin E and fractionated coconut and hemp seed oil, these perfume oils are packaged in a glass rollerball applicator bottle--the perfect size for a purse or pocket. I love perfume oils for their superior staying power. They're also great for most people with sensitive skin, since they don't contain alcohol.

I ordered four scents from Long Winter Soap Co., and it was extremely hard to choose (even though they're only $9 a pop).


I saw this and I had to have it. To me, porridge is bare feet on cold wood floors, cotton quilts, milk, sweetness and spice, and the quiet morning of a first snow. This scent doesn’t disappoint: it’s warm and creamy with earthy oat notes, but there is barely a hint of spice. As it wears, notes of dried fruit linger, but with a bit of sweet cream. My partner immediately zeroed in on this one, "Is that cake? Why do I smell like cake? Is there cake?”


Named for acclaimed Southern writer Eudora Welty, I was hesitant about this scent--a mix of peaches, patchouli, rose, and woodsmoke--mainly because I’m not a fan of fruity anything. But in this case it’s perfectly balanced and brings a fresh, ripe dimension to an otherwise sexy, earthy blend. Smoke and patchouli linger as it wears, but with a whiff of a late-night bonfire and a nip of peach schnapps.

Forest Wife

Based on Scandinavian folklore, the Forest Wife is a sexy woodland creature who lures forest workers into marriage, and then transforms into a beast. With base notes of musk and spicy fir, this scent is lusty and woody, with dewy floral top notes of lily of the valley and bluebell. Fresh like green sapling spruce trees and rounded out by honey-floral notes (without being too cloying), Forest Wife is perfect for everyday. It wears to a well-blended woodland smell, like a boreal forest after the rain. My sisters tried to steal this one.

Blue Skies

In the north, autumn brings clear, cloudless skies. I don’t normally pick out clean fragrances, but I’ve been looking for a crisp, pure scent for ages. The top note here is fresh-cut grass, which I adore, followed by a sort of Downy dryer sheet musk, eucalyptus, and fresh cotton. I didn’t love it, but it was OK for a clean scent. It smelled more like a candle than a crisp afternoon. Needless to say, it wasn't for me and I passed it on.

Do you switch up your scents for fall? What are your favorite forest-inspired fragrances?