xoVain Editor's Pick: Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist

Now, do you need hair perfume? No, but it's fun and helps fight frizz. And who could possibly be against that?

The first hair product I remember being obsessed with was something by Rusk. I can’t even remember what the product was, just that it was something my mom brought back from the local salon and kept in a spot in the bathroom that was hard for me to reach because she didn’t want me to dump it all on my hair. But I didn’t even want to use it; I just wanted to inhale it. It smelled like grape Bubblelicious.

Thus began my love affair with scented hair products.

Quick sidebar: AMG’s Top-Three Scented Hair Products Of All Time!

* Aveda Self-Control (a clove-y, herbaceous scent), now discontinued. There’s a Facebook group dedicated to bringing it back.

* Original & Mineral’s Hydrate & Conquer line (like a warm sugar cookie)

* Philip B. Oud Royal Mega-Curl Enhancer (earthy, musky, incense-y, heavenly)

However, I never really understood the appeal of a hair fragrance, meaning, a perfume for your hair--until I stopped getting regular blowouts and finally got a haircut that worked with my fine/curly hair texture.

These days, I mainly co-wash my hair, giving it a thorough shampoo every other week or so. In between co-washings, if it starts to look a little oily around the roots or if the ends frizz out a bit, I can do something about that (dry shampoo, teeny bit of serum).

It’s the smell, the dirty-hair smell--a blend of sweat, leftover product, and every head shop I’ve ever visited in the Midwest--that’s harder to fix.

I’ve got a whole wardrobe of lovely smelling hair oils, but when your hair is fine but curly AND unwashed, it will droop under their weight. So the idea of being able to spray something in my hair that won’t make it greasier, flatter, or frizzier is very appealing.

Enter: Fekkai Hair Fragrance Mist. There are three scents: Citron et Menthe (which is, well, minty-citrus, very much like a mojito), Creme Vanillee (I don’t know; it smells like blow-dried hair and vanilla extract), and Rose Fraiche (fruity, not super floral--like a rose popsicle). They're not strong; they don't really compete with your go-to regular perfume; I suppose if, say, vanilla fragrance was your thing, Creme Vanillee would work with it, not against it.

It’s more a perfume than a styling product, but it has styling properties--mainly anti-frizz. (It also claims to add shine, but my hair has too much texture to benefit from that benefit.) The main ingredient is cyclopentasiloxane, which is a type of silicone frequently found in hair products and is good for shutting down frizz. I know we’ve debated over whether silicones are good or bad for your hair, but I can only speak from my experience: I am pro-silicone for my hair type.

Because it’s also a fragrance, there’s some alcohol in it, but it doesn’t feel drying--it's not like spraying traditional perfume straight in your hair, which could fry it out or make it gloppy, depending on how many natural oils are in said perfume. My favorite of the three is Rose Fraiche--it makes my hair smell like fancy shampoo and masks that residual unwashed hair-funk without giving off sweaty cupcake vibes.

So, hair perfume: Are you into it? What's the best-smelling hair product you've ever used?