I Scored this Discontinued Fragrance for Half Off, Plus COTW!

I've been in love with Diptyque Volutes forever, so my heart sank when I found out it had been discontinued.
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April 9, 2016
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I love pretty much anything that Diptyque makes — I mean, who doesn't? — but I can't really afford any of it, so instead I just hoard tiny sample sizes of their fragrances.

My favorite, by far, has to be Volutes: a warm, spicy blend of tobacco, honey, spices, and iris. This fragrance is probably one of my top-five favorite fragrances of all time, and yet I put off buying a bottle of it until the day far in the future when I have achieved success and riches.

Then I found out that it's being discontinued.

I panicked, and then calmed down slightly when I saw that only the EDT is being discontinued; the fragrance will live on in its EDP form. Still, by that point, I had already moseyed over to eBay where I happened to find a 100ml bottle of the soon-to-be discontinued EDT listed for half off the original price — barely even used.

Needless to say, I pounced.

Logically, I know that I can always buy the EDP in the future, but I think the sudden fear of never being able to own this fragrance made me realize how much I needed it.

I haven't had a chance to compare the two versions of this fragrance; I know that most people tend to prefer one over the other, although opinion varies. I will say that the EDT, which I now own, has somewhat disappointing sillage. The longevity is pretty good, but it's definitely a skin scent. I could douse myself in it, but you'll only get a good whiff if I hug you. That's OK with me, though, because this fragrance was made for cuddling on cold days.

It's a unisex fragrance that leans somewhat masculine, thanks to the tobacco note, but with notes of honey and iris to sweeten it. Volutes would smell equally alluring on a man or a woman. After the initial blast of tobacco that smells like a dark study full of leather, books, and cigars, it quickly dries down into a spicy but sweet honey note that has me constantly sniffing my wrist.

I don't think anyone could stop me from reaching for this fragrance year-round, but I'm particularly excited to wear this every day next fall. If you get a chance to sample it in either the EDT or EDP form, be careful lest you fall in love as much as I did.

Now it's time for your best Comments of the Week!

1. Speaking of the Disney for Sephora collections, "Samantha Bares" reminded me of the time that I did this Yzma tutorial:

Yzma from the Emperors New Groove would probably be a fun character to make a collection for. A LOT of purple.

2. "SantaMonicaCA" had a reaction to this serum review that basically summed up my life before I started working from home:

Ever read a review of a product on your lunch break and then end up not only purchasing that product but also spend the entirety of your break searching for and buying skincare while sitting your car eating, and then when you get back to the office people ask what you do on your break all by yourself the whole time, you feel embarrassed to say you spent 45 min researching shit for your skin so you just lie and say you were reading the news?

3. "Lucy Yin" commented for the first time to share a great lip oil dupe:

This is the first time I've ever commented but I had to mention that a really, really great dupe for the YSL is the L'Oreal Paris Color Caresse Wet Shine Lip Stain! Pornographic name aside, it has really lovely pigmentation after two swipes, is super glossy, and also stains evenly. I actually think Annie did an article about them some time ago! Highly recommend, especially since they're like $7 and ULTA is always having buy one get one half off sales.

4. "audreyhorne" is right, using makeup brushes does make one feel like an adult:

did anyone else just... not use brushes, at all, for a really long time? i legitimately did not know they were considered necessary until this year. now i have a set of real techniques brushes and i feel like a Fancy And Capable Adult.

5. "Sonja" summed up my feelings about the recent Glamour "Plus-Size Issue" controversy:

I would love a magazine that just casually throws models of a whole bunch of shapes and sizes in together and then never even mentions it. I swear, every time I see a "plus size" model featured anywhere, the publication always seems to need to call attention to the fact that they're using a plus size model, which really only further makes plus size the "other". Nobody brags about using a non-plus-size model.

  • Have you tried Diptyque's Volutes? What do you think of it?
  • What was the last fragrance that made you lose your mind (and a good portion of your money)?
  • Feel free to share all your sad stories about favorite fragrances being discontinued. We're here for you.