Demeter Now Gives You a Foolproof Way to Blend a Custom Fragrance

It's a natural progression for the brand, really.
Publish date:
November 13, 2015
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Are you a control freak? Do you yearn to firmly grip the reigns on every single aspect of your life? Does the fact that you can't blend your own fragrances weigh heavily on your poor, control-obsessed soul?

Fear no longer, my dear, dear friend: Demeter now lets you blend your own fragrances.

It was a natural progression for the brand, really, which is known for their single-note Pick Me Up sprays. I'm sure that for years, Demeter lovers have been concocting their own perfume cocktails. In fact, the brand itself has gone so far as to encourage layering.

They've gone ahead and made the game a little easier, though, with their TRIO collections, which feature sets of three PMU sprays, some new to the library, promising "foolproof blending."

There are currently seven different TRIO sets, and each has a common theme. The scents within are specifically curated to blend well with each other, which helps take out some of the guesswork while still giving you freedom over the end result.


These three, obviously, lean pretty warm and spicy. I like them all on their own (duh), and sometimes only mix two together instead of all three. That said, it's pretty much impossible to mess up your blend, even when you're using all three.

If I want something that's heavy, I'll go all in on the Patchouli and Sandalwood and use a light hand with the Gin & Tonic, which is brighter and bubblier. For less warmth, add more Gin & Tonic (adding more gin and tonic is perhaps a good life rule, too).

Clean TRIO

Imma let Demeter help me with this one:

In scent, Clean is something we know when we experience it, but it is difficult to describe. Words like "smooth, sheer and bright" are helpful, but they do not deliver the power of these scents. Most, Clean fragrances tend to be subtle, but not all: Musk #7 is a bit "bigger," intense and long lasting, even while being light.

While I was impressed with the blending capabilities of the Wood TRIO, Clean was my favorite. I just have a thing for fresh scents, OK? I also appreciated that it included Musk in the set, which helps to ground the other two for a more full-bodied fragrance experience.

To assist in the blending process, there are spray strips included in each TRIO. Of course, the PMU sprays do change slightly once they interact with your actual skin. However, the strips are a necessity, lest you douse yourself completely trying to get it right. Not saying that happened to me. OK, maybe it did. It was like when you're trying to apply liquid eyeliner and one wing is bigger than the other, so you make the opposite eye's wing bigger, only then that one is bigger than the other, and then before your know it your entire face is just one giant wannabe cat eye. Only I was one giant Demeter PMU and I'm pretty sure my cats noticed.

By the way, if the idea of actually combining multiple fragrances into one bottle appeals to you, Demeter also sells DUOs, which come with two curated PMUs, a dropper, and an empty bottle. They're $35 each.

  • Have you ever blended your own fragrance?
  • Does this idea even appeal to you?
  • And seriously, who here is a fellow control freak?