Stock Up Your Beauty Bar with These Booze-Inspired Products

Who knew a vodka candle would be such a good idea?
Publish date:
August 25, 2016
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If you haven't already prepared your favorite cocktail to sip while reading, this roundup of boozy products may very well inspire you to do so. However, if you're at work or otherwise unable to imbibe at the moment, may you live vicariously through these pictures and descriptions. (And fix yourself something later!)

LAFCO Penthouse Champagne Candle

This LAFCO Champagne candle smells juicy and fizzy, and I know it's $60, but I am in love. Somehow, when you take a whiff, it actually gives you that same sensation as when you bring your mouth up to a glass of champagne and the bubbles tickle your nose and make your mouth water. It's a bright and vibrant scent that's perfect year-round.

Demeter White Russian and Caipirinha Pick-Me-Up Cologne Sprays

Demeter actually has an entire arsenal of booze-inspired Pick-Me-Up colognes, so it was hard to narrow down the list to just two.

I chose Caipirinha because it's brand new, as it was launched in coordination with the Rio Olympics. The first time I sipped a caipirinha was in 2008 on the candy-colored, Bossa Nova-filled streets of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The scent is authentic — fresh, sweet and citrusy.

I chose White Russian because it's the polar opposite of Caipirinha. It's authentic as well, and smells thick, creamy, warm, and sugary. There's a hint of perfectly toasted marshmallow to it, as well.

The Body Shop Piñita Colada

I was a little nervous about The Body Shop's newest scent, Piñita Colada, because I have a hard time slathering super-fruity scents all over my body. I prefer only a hint of the fruity stuff, and TBS totally came through for me.

The Piñita Colada range — which includes a body butter, fresh body sorbet, shower gel, and body scrub — leans more creamy coconut than anything, but that twist of icy pineapple adds lots of dimension.

Jonathan Adler Vodka Pop Candle

Jonathan Adler makes candles, if you didn't know, and his candles are very good. Vodka Pop allows you to indulge in "hangover-free hedonism," as the brand calls it, and it smells almost exactly like a fizzy vodka tonic with a just-cut lime slice.

I love that the description on the website says it "feels like an igloo hotel, Elaine Stritch, a chic after party, a Brezhnev-era high-rise." Also, I'm digging the reusable metal vessel.

Gnarly Whale Grand Marnier & Apricot Lip Balm and Champagne Lip Balm

I am a huge fan of Gnarly Whale's lip balms, which are only $3.50. They go on silky and wet, versus thick and chalky, and they create a pretty and moisturizing sheen on your lips.

Gnarly Whale makes several cocktail/alcohol-inspired balms along with lots of other flavors, but I wanted to highlight these two because they're my favorites. Champagne is light and airy with a definite bubbly quality, and Grand Marnier & Apricot is sweet with hints of orange and apricot.

LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub

I love the play on words here, as always, and I love the lip scrub itself. Mint Julips smells exactly, and I mean exactly, like creamy, chocolate and mint and it's really hard to stop myself from licking my lips. It's sugar-based and it actually does taste good, so at least the scent isn't deceiving.

  • What alcoholic beverage would you love to see interpreted as a beauty product?
  • Have you tried any of the above?