A Roundup of Violet-Scented Products That Makes No Willy Wonka References

Only the loveliest things allowed.​
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April 8, 2016
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Howdy you fine, floral-loving people. I'm moving right along to my next flower of choice in this little floral-infusion series I've been putting together. So far I've covered roses (here and here), gardenia, orchid and honeysuckle. I don't know about you, but all this flower talk has basically made me want to roll around in a billowy, fragrant pile of petals and drink floral tea.

La jolie fleur du jour est violette, and I'm speaking in French because why not? I've curated a selection of the prettiest, most fragrant violet items I could find for this one, so I hope you like them! Many are new to me, some are not, but they're all lovely.

Crabtree & Evelyn Venetian Violet Flower Water

I cannot convey how heavenly this Venetian Violet "flower water" smells. It's sweet, no doubt, but has a hints of sharp greenery and juicy raspberry to keep the perfume from leaning too saccharine. The fact that it comes with a golden atomizer makes me that much happier about this one (though I understand it can shorten the shelf life of some perfumes).

Flower water is less potent than even an EDT, so it's a nice option for people who want to layer fragrances, or just want a splash of something throughout the day or even before bedtime.

Flora by Gucci Generous Violet

Generous Violet is one of several EDT's in Gucci's Flora collection (I covered the gardenia perfume here). While the Crabtree & Evelyn Flower Water takes a juicy and fresh approach to violet, this one takes a softer, cleaner, and more powdery approach. It's light and modern, and somehow makes me feel both girly and womanly at the same time. I like to layer this with a vanilla-based lotion to add even more depth.

Peacock Parfumerie Viola Queen Charlotte Candle

Jeez! Have you ever seen such a prettier candle in your whole life? Peacock Parfumerie always nails it.

I can hardly bear to light this one because it's so lovely to look at, and I also don't want to disturb the dried violet flowers resting atop the actual candle. I did, however, let it burn for a couple hours for the sake of this post, and then promptly put the flowers back inside the container.

The scent is sweet, earthy and floral, and combines notes of honeydew, water lily, amber and musk with a strong sense of violet. The flowers that come on top are actually fragranced, as well, so you can use them as potpourri elsewhere.

This is the second Botanist Candle I own by Peacock Parfumerie. The other is their Royal Fern candle, which is super earthy and green.

Beekman 1802 Heirloom Violet Body Wash

I just received this and have only used it a couple times so far, but I am hooked. Beekman 1802's "Farm to Skin" Heirloom Violet body wash is the cleanest interpretation of violet on the list today — probably because it's a body wash. And while it may deter you, I must confess that one reason I love this so much is because it reminds me of my grandmother (who, I should note, has superb taste in fragrance).

It makes me think back to those pre-bedtime moments as a very young child, freshly bathed and powedered and snuggled up in bed listening to my grandma read me books I'd chosen from her collection.

TOCCA Violette EDP

You can see from the weathered label that this TOCCA Violette EDP has received a lot of love from me. I reach for it when I want to wear something bold and forward, yet still fresh and feminine. The violet is more subtle in this perfume (surprisingly, given the name), while top notes of spicy coriander, bergamot and ginger take center stage. The violet does come out, though, along with hints of rose, musk and woody cedar.

As a side note, I'm waiting for TOCCA to sell this EDP in their trial size. Though the round, Cinderella pumpkin-esque vessel is super pretty perched on a shelf, I much prefer the smaller containers. They're easier to travel with, and I find the fragrance is less likely to sour.

Floral Elixir's Violet Elixir

Throwing you a bit of a curveball for this last item in my round up in the form of an elixir. And no, it's not an elixir for your hair or skin, but is instead intended for your drinks. It's made with real violets in small batches by founder Nora Eggar, who creates all flower-based elixirs.

I'm super-smitten with the idea of violets in my beverages, and surprised at how drinkable it is. So far I've added tiny amounts to ginger beer, and have also combined some with champagne. It turns the drinks slightly pink (fun!) and adds a hint of sweetness.

Dreamy stuff, or what? I'm sitting over here in violet heaven! Tell me which item appeals the most to you, and, if you're feeling salty, which appeals the least!