Demeter May Be Known for Weird Scents, But I Look to Them When I Want to Smell Super-Sweet

Demeter is perfect when you're looking for the most unusual, specific scents you can think of.
Publish date:
May 24, 2016

I became aware of Demeter's incredible fragrance library via my sister as a teen. I think she initially picked up a bottle of Sugar Cookie because Samaire Armstrong mentioned it as a favorite in her OC heyday.

I've collected fragrances from Demeter ever since, even keeping a collection of bottles in the living room I shared with my old roommate so we both had the opportunity to mix and match how we wanted to smell that day. Marshmallow and Bonfire? Done. Waffles and Caramel? Double yes. There really isn't anything else quite like these unique bottles of olfactory gems.

A great aspect of Demeter fragrances is the ability to layer and combine a variety of scents to create a unique, interesting fragrance all your own. There really isn't a wrong way to approach it, which I love.

I naturally lean toward more gourmand scents that totally mimic the smells of my favorite desserts. I'm talking Waffles, Caramel, Lemon Meringue and Pumpkin Pie. One spritz of Lemon Meringue and I can smell every tiny detail of that slice of pie; the gelatinous lemon tart, the whipped meringue and the crust are all in there. If someone had a blind-fold contest where I had to guess the desserts they were placing in front of my face and instead they were spraying these, I would 100% think the real thing was right there.

This accuracy can go a few different ways. I mean, you can stock up on my favourites — the pies and dessert toppings — and walk around smelling like a fabulous bakery all day. I'm sure you'd get a comment or two. But Demeter doesn't just stop at what we would traditionally associate with things you'd definitely want to smell like. Among the more unusual scents? Crayon, Dust, Earthworm, Lobster, and Dirt. I'm not particularly into these, but they smell just like what they're supposed to. I just don't have a strong desire to walk around smelling like a garden or a lobster all day. But if you did, Demeter makes it possible.

Now that I've mentioned my love for the decadent dessert scents Demeter offers (and believe me, there are A LOT), here are a few of my all-time favorites.

I don't think I've ever met someone who doesn't have fond memories of sitting around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows on finely sharpened sticks. I actually brought along my bottle of Bonfire and Marshmallow last summer to test out the accuracy of this combo, and I have to say, it was spot on.

A spray of Bonfire has a deeply rich, woody note that brings back the smell of charred ash that lingers in your clothes days after camping. Topping it off with the light, sweet vanilla from Demeter's Marshmallow melds together into the best parts of summer. It's absolutely one of my favourite combinations.

Another must-have is their Caramel scent. It's by far one of the most accurate according to everyone I've forced these scents on. (Hey, they never complain. The conversation usually ends with them wanting a few bottles from my collection.)

The sharp, rich caramel scent sticks to skin, but it's not sickly sweet by any means. It smells exactly like thick, syrupy caramel tastes; similar to all-natural maple syrup. It's sweet (duh) but not cloying.

If you've ever grabbed a bag of coffee and just sniffed it all in because you loved the smell so much, be sure to pick up Espresso.

I LOVE the smell of a coffee shop; even walking by one instantly boosts my mood. I always want to go in and nuzzle up with a book for a few hours. I used to adore the lingering coffee smell when I worked at Starbucks as a teenager; somehow my whole room would smell like coffee coming home after a long shift.

This dark, rich scent is spot-on for coffee lovers. It's refined and brooding, just like the bookworm in the corner of the coffee shop.

For a more carefree, sweet scent, I'd reach for Waffles or Sticky Toffee Pudding. Both fall into that super-sweet category that might not be for everyone. If you're a sugar lover, though, you'll be all about these.

Waffles has a caramel, doughy fragrance. I went through a phase of putting this on every morning and never regretted it. Sticky Toffee Pudding has a chocolate-caramel-toffee thing going on. Very sweet, reminding me of a rich chocolate cake being doused in a syrupy caramel.

Demeter offers up some classic scents for those of us forever attracted to all things vanilla. First, the light sweetness of Vanilla Cake Batter. One spray and you'll be reminded of that spongy sprinkle cake often served at birthday parties growing up. You know the kind, with the colourful sprinkles mixed into the batter? Loved it.

Things get a little cooler when you smell Vanilla Ice Cream: a creamier, more buttery take on vanilla, which I suppose is far more accurate when you consider the ingredients in real ice cream. It's definitely a lot smoother than Vanilla Cake Batter, which has a sharper scent reminiscent of the uncooked eggs mixed in (trust me on this one when I say I don't mean that in a bad way at all).

I can't express enough how much fun this collection is. You really can mix and match your favourite scents and create something completely spectacular, incredibly personal and specific. If you're a gourmand lover like I am or looking for some seriously niche scents, Demeter speaks to both worlds. I can't appreciate that enough. They're able to reach so many different people, with incredibly accurate, affordable bottles of fragrance like no one else.

  • What's your favorite Demeter fragrance?
  • If you could pick one scent for Demeter recreate, what would it be?
  • Do you want to smell like a crustacean all day? Maybe don't do it around me, OK?