Another Roundup of Rosy Products Because I Can't Get Enough

Stop and smell the roses with me (again).
Publish date:
March 9, 2016
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Several years ago, I was driving with my aunt and uncle a long way across town, far west of Phoenix, when all of a sudden, we were smack-dab center in the largest field of roses I've ever seen. And when I say field of roses, I mean it. It wasn't a carefully groomed rose garden or mid-sized patch. In any direction we looked, there was a seemingly never-ending sea of yellow, pink, white, orange, cream, and red buds.

We did what anyone would do in such a situation: we stopped to smell the roses.

Roses have always been near and dear to my heart. They're in my middle name, I associate them with my childhood and happy moments, and to this day, I still get excited by the sight of them. It's no surprise that I tend to collect rose-scented and rose-infused products.

Below are some I'm currently enjoying.

LUSH Rose Jam Bubbleroon

It's a bath bomb that smells like roses, contains glitter, and is shaped like a giant macaron. What's not to love?

This is one of my favorite bath bombs by LUSH, partly because it's rose, and partly because the scent isn't as strong as others (I find some of their bath bombs too fragranced).

The rose oil and rose absolute make it smell truly rosy, and also help moisturize. For those worried about the glitter, there's not a ton of it, and I never have an issue in the tub. The bomb dissolves nicely and the slightly sparkly, rosy water makes me feel like queen of the rose garden.

Fresh Cannabis Rose EDP

I'm going to talk about several rose fragrances in this roundup, and each are incredibly different from the next. Fresh's Cannabis Rose EDP is unlike any other scent I've come across and, true to its name, it smells like cannabis and rose. The cannabis is peppery and earthy and smoky, while the rose is soft, sweet and mellow. It's an interesting juxtaposition of scents, and makes for a very bold statement.

A note: this is my first bottle, and I was surprised to see that it was so yellow in color (the site pictures a clear EDP). I'm curious to hear about other people's bottles. Anyone else have experience?

Paul Smith Rose EDP

While the Fresh scent above leans very earthy and peppery, Paul Smith's Rose EDP is the exact opposite. It's bright and clean, like a bouquet of roses that've been soaked in sudsy bubbles and then warmed by the late afternoon sun. It's a fusion of Turkish rose oil, green tea and magnolia, anchored gently by a musky cedar base.

I'm absolutely smitten by the packaging. The bottle itself is straightforward and clean, and it comes housed in a rose-covered drawstring bag tucked inside the box you see above.

Indie Lee Rosehip Cleanser

If you're looking for a highly moisturizing cleanser that 86's all your makeup, I might have found you a winner. This is a gel-like cleanser made by Indie Lee and comes with a very short ingredient list. It's surprisingly moisturizing and lathers effectively. It doesn't smell heavily of roses, as the product contains rose oil (Rosa Rubiginosa Seed Oil) versus rose fragrance.

Bonus: you can also use this cleanser to wash your makeup brushes.

Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher #3

This is the cutest little blusher made by Korean skincare brand Skinfood. It actually does smell like roses, and the color is one that I haven't come across anywhere else. It gives a slightly orange-leaning, pinkish glow that makes a super-fresh bb'd face somehow fresher.

The texture is somewhere between a cream and a powder. It blends into the skin like a cream, but feels a little matte versus wet.

I'm kind of crying over the $200+ price tag on Odin's Milieu Rosa EDP. With that said, it really does smell fabulous.

This one is part of their White Line. If I had to describe this fragrance as an object, I'd call it the softest pillow you've ever slept on, complete with a creamy, satin case. Now imagine that pillow filled with freshly picked rose petals, and you're on a canopied bed in the middle of a never-ending rose field, similar to the one I went to above.

The top, middle and bottom notes all feature rose, with the layers overlapping the way clouds push and pull into each other in the sky.

Rosy Rings Apricot Rose Reed Diffuser

Every single one of Rosy Rings' reed diffusers is gorgeous and their Apricot Rose is no exception. The apricot comes out most, making this a juicy, spring- and summer-appropriate home fragrance. The sweet, earthy rose mellows out the citrus just enough. It looks as pretty as it smells, and makes a great hostess or house warming gift.

Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream

If you have oily skin that still craves moisture, Fresh's Rose Hydrating Gel Cream is a wonderful pick. My combination skin loves it, too, so even dry skin would probably do well with this 24-hour moisturizer.

It's a creamy gel that leaves you with a hydrated, but matte complexion. I use it as a primer, actually, especially on those premenstrual days when that testosterone increase has amped up my oil production.

  • What flower would you like to see in a product roundup?
  • Have you ever "stopped to smell the roses" (figuratively or literally) while on a road trip?
  • Which of the above appeals most to you?