6 Recently Launched Perfumes Worth a Whiff

I know there's at least one on this list you'll be drawn to.
Publish date:
February 24, 2016
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The time has come for another fragrance roundup, and this time I've got brand spankin' new EDPs that you might not have had your hands (or nose) on yet. The below have all been launched within the past six months.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose, $74

It's sparkly, it's pink, and it comes with a bow. And yes, it smells just as you'd expect it to: super-girly and super-juicy, but still light and sweet.

Viva la Juicy Rose smells like the summer party girl with the tiny voice who dances in the corner with girlfriends until she's tapped on the shoulder by the bookish dude who finds her endearingly approachable. It features top notes of pear, orange, peony and jasmine petals with a sugary, rosy center. The dry down is cool and refreshing.

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy, $37.50

Speaking of summer party girl, let's discuss Britney's newest fragrance, Maui Fantasy.

This, her 19th fragrance, was released within the last couple weeks and is sold at Kohl's. Believe it or not, it's even more sugary than the Juicy fragrance above, only instead of taking on a citrus-meets-floral scent, it leans more tropical. It opens with hibiscus, orange blossom and bird of paradise and is warmed — very slightly — with coconut, musk and vanilla. Wearing it may make you feel like you're in high school or college again.

Odin 00 Auriel, $185

Now for something completely different! Let's talk about Odin's 00 Auriel, a true unisex EDP that was launched in November 2015. When I smelled it, I was surprised by its masculinity, but when my SO smelled it, he found it to be very feminine.

And so it goes with anyone else who gives 00 a whiff: depending on your mood and your senses, it does lean toward a certain sex. This is the darkest and most sultry of all the fragrances in today's roundup, brooding with top notes of coriander, peppercorns and a hint of berry. It tapers into a spicy, earthy, near-dirty dry down. Wearing it makes you feel like you've rolled around in a mound of slightly wet dirt and then taken a nap in a woody casket filled with creamy flower petals.

The Body Shop Black Musk EDP, $37

This is a less intense, less spendy, creamier alternative to the 00 Auriel above. Black Musk was released in October 2015 and is actually the third in their "musk" series, the others being White Musk (1981) and Red Musk (2014).

It's sensual, as you'd expect, and it smells like a musky, dark chocolate candy bar dusted with pink peppercorn and drizzled with a floral vanilla. It's actually a very great base layer for other perfumes.

Lanvin Eclat de Fleurs, $105

This Lanvin EDP is my personal favorite of the bunch, which figures because it's one of the most expensive (insert exasperated sigh). It makes me think of pink satin ribbon attached to the end of a stick that's swirled and twirled in a musky, floral air. I'm drawn to its muskiness, which makes it feel warm despite an undercurrent of sugared jasmine and freesia.

There's something so refreshing and innocent about it without it feeling too young or naive. Like a queen who knows all the evils of her kingdom, but hasn't been personally thrown into the chaos herself.

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose, $90

I was drawn to this CLEAN scent for shallow reasons: its name. I'm blonde and my middle name is rose, and so it seemed the perfect marriage.

I must admit, I was a little surprised at first whiff, as I expected something blatantly rosy. It's edgier than that, though, and true to the CLEAN theme, it smells, well, clean. It packs a peppery punch, though I imagine that punching fist is covered in a flower-soaked glove. I'd call it a modern, almost unisex spin on your standard floral fragrance.

  • Which scent appeals to you most?
  • Have you tried any new fragrance launches recently?