This Lilac Roundup Will Conjure Up Some of Your Favorite Childhood Memories

I've got you covered in the perfume and home fragrance departments.
Publish date:
June 1, 2016
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It's been a couple weeks since my last installment of the xoFloralFiles, but I'm back at it again with lilac, a scent that is surprisingly difficult to find in terms of skin and beauty products. (Previous roundups include rose — here and heregardenia, violet, orchid, honeysuckle and jasmine.)

I know from reading the comments on these floral roundups that the scent of lilac conjures up vivid memories for a lot of you. Lilac does the same for me. I remember, with extreme clarity, the scent of lilac wafting into my childhood home on warm spring days in Indiana. The scent emanated from a little tree nestled at the corner edge of our house, planted by my mother, sister, grandmother and me just outside my bedroom. Whenever I passed the tree on my way to play in the woods, I'd often reach out to touch the purple and white waxy buds, and plunge my nose into it to get a good whiff.

There are few scents that are as sweet or as memory-inducing for me, so this roundup was a lot of fun.

Aerin Lilac Path

I promise you that Aerin's Lilac Path EDP is one of the softest, most delicate, truest lilac fragrances you will ever get your hands on. It's not overpoweringly sweet, and it still has a slightly "perfumed" quality to it, but it is unmistakably lilac. I'm obsessed with all of Aerin's perfume bottles, too, which feature stones on the cap, gilded details, and a clean, boxy silhouette.

Regarding price, I personally think $155 for 3.4 ounces is fair, but I still recommend getting the smaller, 1.7 oz bottle for $110 since lilac isn't an "everyday" scent (in my opinion). Alternatively, you can buy the Matchbox Gift Set for $20, which comes with .07-ounce vials of Lilac Path, Gardenia Rattan, Amber Musk, Ikat Jasmine and Evening Rose.

Lanvin Éclat d’Arpège

While the Aerin EDP is straight up lilac, Lanvin's Eclat d'Arpege EDP offers a much more subtle lilac bouquet. It's a fresh blend of green and earthy florals (including peony), and a very clean, modern white musk. It's one of those "reach for it every day" daytime fragrances, and I find it gets complimented frequently.

Rosy Rings Lilac Bloom and Archipelago Lilac Candle

These two lilac candles are, again, very true to the lilac scent. Rosy Rings' Lilac Bloom is a creamy, earthy lilac with a slight twist of something citrusy. They've recently changed the packaging so that it's a double-wick housed in tin, which I prefer. It's the same scent, though.

The Archipelago Lilac Candle is definitely sweeter and more candy-like with a soft, airy, powdery finish. It's housed in a sturdy, frosted glass jar and costs $21.50. I actually like the idea of lighting both candles at once in different rooms.

Rosy Rings Lilac Bloom Wax Sachets

While I'm on the topic of home fragrance, I want to tell you about this lilac wax sachet, also by Rosy Rings. Not only is the sachet gorgeous, it smells absolutely divine. It's the same fragrance as the candle and will definitely fill a small room or closet with the scent of fresh lilac. They come as a set of two for $22, and I've had one hanging in my doorway for a couple months, now, and it's still going strong.

Pacifica Beauty French Lilac Perfume

This Pacifica perfume is a very candied version of lilac, so if you like sweet scents, then I recommend trying it out. It also features notes of magnolia, heliotrope, and hyacinth — all florals known for their sweetness. Personally, I prefer to temper this fragrance with a creamy lotion or something spicy layered on top. It costs $22 for an ounce, making it pretty darn affordable.

  • What memories does lilac conjure up for you?
  • What's your favorite floral note in a perfume?
  • Do you ever light more than one candle at a time?