8 Hair Perfumes That Smell Absolutely Irresistible

A spritz before you leave the house (or hit the sheets) will stay with you long after your regular perfume has faded.
Publish date:
February 20, 2015
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Perfume isn't on the list of things we're willing to deal with re-applying (or toting around) throughout the day. So we cover all of the pulse point bases when spritzing, plus a healthy mist on our porous, scent-hoarding strands. BUT, that's really not the best idea when using alcohol-based scents, which can be super drying to hair. The solution: hair perfume. No, we don't mean scented hairspray, but rather a mist that'll give you a long-lasting scent, as well as other benefits such as UV protection and shine. Our friends at Teen Vogue have done the research for you on this one. Check out their eight favorite hair perfumes.