If I Ever Date Again, This Will Be My New Date-Night Fragrance

I don't really want a boyfriend. I just want to smell amazing.
Publish date:
September 11, 2015
date night, perfume oil, olivine

A few months ago, I temporarily swore off all romantic endeavors in hopes of bettering li'l ol' me. I've been working hard at all six of my jobs (the hustle is real), saving money, re-learning Spanish, traveling alone, and generally Eat-Pray-Loving my life away.

I sort of miss dates, though. I am NOT looking for a relationship right now, and the thought of exposing myself emotionally to any of the men-children I encounter daily makes me wanna moon-door myself. But I've always liked that feeling of getting ready for a date; I like the nervous butterflies, changing my outfit six gazillion times, perfecting my "no-makeup-makeup," and last but not least, choosing that perfect first-date fragrance.

Thanks to Olivine Atelier, though, I've got my next date-night fragrance all picked out, should I ever again find a man worthy of my time and my scent.

Olivine's Gigi Perfume Oil is easily one of the best scents I've sniffed this year. It's sexy, elegant and playful all at the same time. After I put it on for the first time, I messaged Kara to let her know I smelled like a very wealthy woman. She responded with a photo of smiling North West, because that's how Kara and I communicate.

Because it's a perfume oil, a little goes a long way. I just dab a little bit on the inside of my wrists and between my collarbones. Perfume oils are highly concentrated, but they generally don't emanate as much as a spray-on formula would, so it feels more intimate by its very nature. You can only really smell it if your face real close. It has impressive staying power, lasting for about six or seven hours before it begins to fade.

After patting it on, the citrus notes rise first from my skin. Pear, papaya and bergamot come together sweetly and coyly. The citrus scents are warm and soft as they blend with bright floral notes of ylang ylang and gardenia. The citrus and florals together smell expensive and womanly. The gardenia shines through especially, which is probably what gives it an "expensive" feeling in my mind. Gardenia, when done right, is a fancy-bitch fragrance note.

As it wears, the scent warms and thickens thanks to a base of sandalwood, musk and vanilla. Though it's been slightly reformulated over the years, this scent was actually a favorite of Madonna's back in the day if you needed proof that it will make you smell like a powerful, rich lady.

Gigi is everything I've been looking for in a feminine fragrance. It's sweet in a warm, passionate way; it's sensual and young, like making out in the backseat of an expensive vintage car; it's tender, but it's bold, too. This is a Woman's fragrance. Woman with a capital W.

  • Have you had the chance to take Gigi for a spin?
  • What's your date-night fragrance?
  • How does dating even work? It's stupid, right? Am I allowed to keep wearing perfume if I join an Italian convent?