3 New Colognes For Your Single Dude Friends (Or Yourself!)

It’s not that men don’t smell great on their own, it’s just that…OK, they could smell better.

Dudes are hard to shop for, in my experience. Rather than trying to keep figuring out the inner workings of their brains, I’ve just started giving my guy friends gifts that I, as a lady, enjoy.

This is especially true for my single male friends. They’re always asking me for help with ladies and so I like to give them gifts in the hopes of making them as attractive to women as possible. We can all agree that menfolk occasionally need some help, am I right? So I’ve started giving my dude friends colognes and bath products.

Dudes are generally reluctant to admit they want fancy, nice smelling things but then, after a few weeks, they always excitedly let me know, “Wow, that new face wash really did clear up my face!” or “I was on a date with this girl and she really liked that cologne you gave me, so thanks!”

This leads me to my good pal, Chris. Chris and I have been friends for six years (whoa!) and he’s probably the most eligible bachelor I know. He’s hilarious, down-to-earth, and is genuinely there for his friends. He’s an actual nice guy, not a Nice Guy.

Chris is a single dude, and not much of a cologne wearer, but I’ve been telling him he should try some out. He definitely doesn’t smell bad (I promise), but having a specific scent can go a long way toward making people remember you (in a good way), and that’s a good thing in the dating scene! I’ve picked up a couple different colognes recently for young Chris and I’m here to review them for you, in case you’ve got a dude in your life who could use some help in the “Fancy Nice Smelling Things” department.

Jimmy Choo Man

What originally attracted me to this scent was the handsome man they chose to be the face of the fragrance--Kit Harrington (aka Jon Snow). While Jon Snow may know nothing, Jimmy Choo certainly knows colognes.

Jimmy Choo Man is a fresh, woody, masculine scent that’s light enough to wear to for work and casual settings. Bright top notes of citrus and lavender mix neatly with a base of patchouli, pepper, and amber-based wood for a scent that’s clean-cut but sexy. This is the scent of a man who wears clothes that fit him right.

Along with the scent, Jimmy Choo sent me this print of their poster-man, Kit. I’m gonna let Chris have this cologne…but I’m keeping the poster.

Pharrell Williams Girl for Girls and Boys

Mentioning a unisex fragrance to Chris made him nervous, but Pharrell’s new scent is a versatile option for everyone. Working with the legends at Commes des Garçon, Pharrell’s created a fragrance that can appeal to both sexes.

Girl is built on a dry, woody foundation of patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, and cedar. From there, fluffy and bright notes of florals, violets, and lavender slither out. All the notes work together in a creamy, smooth scent that’s rich, warm, and sweet, not spicy. It’s sexy in the way Pharrell is; it’s suave but eccentric, commercial but substantial. The scent grows sweeter as it wears, but never veers into saccharine. My only complaint is that I hate the bottle art, but that’s just me.

Penhaligon’s Bayolea

With a tangy and strong citrus top note, Bayolea is a departure from the more subtle Penhaligon’s scents I’ve tried, but that’s not to say I don’t love it. A dose of orange and tangerine hits your nose right of the bat, but is quickly subdued with warmer, lush notes of pepper and cardamom. It’s a scent for an evening when you’ve no plans for going to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Bayolea is awake, bright, and clean, but sensual and romantic at the same time. It’s the scent of a man who can cook and clean. What more could you want?

  • What are your favorite colognes? And what’s the best one you’ve smelled recently?
  • Anybody wanna holler at my boy, Chris?