6 Rollerball Scents For Layering And Traveling

I love a fancy perfume bottle, but when it comes to layering and traveling, I reach for rollerballs.

I have love/hate feelings about perfume packaging. Nothing is more exciting than adding a beautiful bottle of fragrance to my shelf, but those full-size bottles are a pain in the butt to travel with. Not even kidding: I sometimes wrap my perfume in bubble wrap before putting it in my suitcase. The solution? Rollerball fragrances.

Spraying on perfume isn't particularly difficult, but rollerballs are the best for hitting all of the pulse points. It also feels less wasteful, as there's no overspray (read: dollar signs drifting away). And, yes, they're much better for travel--and for tucking in your purse or clutch.

I also find that it's easier to layer with rollerball fragrances: you can apply the liquids directly on top of one another and you have more control over how much goes on. Most importantly, mixing different rollerball perfumes feeds my deep obsession with finding a super unique signature scent.

Perhaps my favorite thing about rollerball perfumes is that they are cheaper! This means I can wear (and play with) a bunch of fragrances (I make a new list every time I read a piece by Kara or Beth) without breaking the bank.

While I'll continue to collect full-size bottles of my favorite fragrances, rollerballs are my go-to for testing out newcomers. Here are a few I’m digging right now:

Long Winter Soap Co. Sea Sprite Perfume Oil

I love this yummy blend of coconut, lavender, and vanilla. It's just sweet enough without being too intense.

Nest White Sandalwood

A creamy, musky, almond/sandalwood combo, this one is lightweight, nutty, and fresh.

Juara Perfume Oil in Candlenut and Tiare Jasmine

These scents are like a tropical vacation in a bottle. The Candlenut oozes jasmine and coconut while the Tiare Jasmine marries magnolia and jasmine with warm amber and vanilla. Together they're like sitting on a beach with a fruity drink and the smell of fresh flowers in the breeze.

Fresh Citron De Vigne

Initially I didn't love the tobacco scent I got from this, but I revisited it later and fell in love. It's citrusy with a warm undercurrent of pink grapefruit, bitter orange, and sandalwood.

Lavanilla Fresh Vanilla Lemon

If you couldn’t tell by now, I love vanilla. What I appreciate about this scent is that it’s a straightforward mix of vanilla and lemon (true lemon, not candy lemon). Boom. Done.

How do you feel about rollerballs? Are you toting one (or more) in your purse right now?